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Forty and fabulous!

Kitchens at the right price — in only 8 days.

May 19, 1983

Kvik Køkkencenter, a small factory in Kibæk, held their first open house. That same day, they delivered the very first Kvik kitchen to Orla Hansen from Grenå. Orla had ordered 10 kitchens for a housing society project. 

The newly-minted firm's motto was "Kitchens at the right price - in only 8 days."

Kvik's founder, Knud Troelsen, wasn't brand new to the kitchen game. In fact, his graduation project for his Wood Technician degree at the Technological Institute in Copenhagen was about how to start a kitchen factory. After a few years as a minor partner in another kitchen firm, he struck out on his own, sure he had a great idea. 

It took a bit of work, convincing investors, suppliers and the bank, but convince them he did. And it didn't take long to convince the retail outlets as well - the low prices and deliveries within 8 days were just too attractive. 


We sell experiences, not just kitchens, and happy and satisfied customers are our best calling card.

— Knud Troelsen
Founder of Kvik

It's kitchen joy we should be selling.


The first dedicated Kvik stores in Denmark open. Prior to this, Kvik kitchens were sold in existing retailers, often beside other brands. 

Opening our own Kvik stores meant that we could begin to offer a concept and a look and an experience that was the same in every store. The Kvik kitchen centres allowed us to develop and show customers what Kvik was really about. As Knud said, "The experience of buying a kitchen should be a pleasure and it all starts in our stores." 

Stores which were built according to a master store concept were an essential part of the vision and a way to set our product apart from other kitchen brands. Knud saw the people in the store as the primary differentiator - smiling, knowledgable, interested in customers and their dreams for their homes. 

The Sociable Kitchen®


You might know the term The Sociable Kitchen®, but did you know that we were the ones who came up with the idea back in 1998? We wanted to make the kitchen more than just a practical space in your home, tucked away in a corner. We wanted to open it up and make it the centre of your life, where all the good times happen - dinners, game nights, homework, laughter.

The concept grew as an attitude and a way of creating kitchens that match the lives we each live. What we have done since then is perfect the functionality, design, and aesthetics. We have done this by creating a diverse design collection, cabinets that offer more space and the possibility of a larger worktop at the right height.

The Sociable Kitchen® gives you the ability to make your kitchen the social centre of your home.

White kitchen with a kitchen island and tall cabinets

We want to create the best surroundings for you to do all those things that need to be done in your everyday, but not compromise on the time spent with those you care about.

— Jens Erik Nielsen
Product & Concept Developer

MANO — no limits


Our Mano kitchen design was first released in 2004. It's been a best-seller ever since. It's been found in a lot of colours over the years - glossy white, glossy grey, light wood, sera, mat white and dark grey. The sleek, classic lines and endless possibilities haven't changed in the past 25 years. It's truly timeless Danish design. 

Today, it's available in white, dark grey and sera, which is a dark wood look.

White kitchen with a kitchen island and a solid wood worktop

MANO white

123 456,-

Mano through the years.

It's important that we have the right products at the right price. We want happy customers — no matter how much hard work it takes.

— Knud Troelsen
Founder of Kvik

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