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Our journey towards sustainability

— designed with good intentions

Sustainability has become a buzz word that's on everyone's lips these days. New rules and regulations around it make talking about it increasingly difficult. But we like a challenge and we truly believe in giving back more than we take. 

We take sustainability seriously and that's why we've chosen to do a Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) on all our product families. It's also why we use recycled materials like recycled PET foils on all our kitchen fronts. It's why all the virgin wood in our products is from certified sustainable forestry. It's why all the electricity we use in our HQ is from green sources like wind turbines and solar parks. 

But sustainability is also a journey, you don't just suddenly become sustainable overnight, you work hard at it, cooperating with your suppliers and pushing for more and learning as you go along. On this page, we outline our journey so far and where we're headed. You can see the concrete choices we've made along the way. 

We choose our materials carefully

Did you know that 80% of the environmental impact of a product is due to decisions taken in the design phase? We make timeless Danish design using as many high quality recycled materials as we can. And we're constantly pushing ourselves and our suppliers to be even better. Our extended warranties reflect our strong belief in long lasting products.

Our kitchens are always made with design and function in perfect harmony. And every one of our designs utilises recycled materials. We include the number of recycled water bottles that go into our foils and the kilos of recycled wood that go into exactly your new kitchen on every offer. That gives you a great story to tell your guests when you invite them over for dinner in your new kitchen.  

Green kitchen with a wine refrigerator and a wooden worktop

OMBRA green

12 345,-

We ship in flatpacks

A key component of our concept is our efficient flatpack transport. We assemble our kitchens at a Kvik store near you, whereas the industry standard is to assemble at the factory. Our logistics solution with flatpacks means we can transport 6 times more kitchens on each truck than if they were assembled before transport.

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Our steps towards a more sustainable future.

— --certified responsible forestry

We began using FSC certified wood in selected products in 2013. We are committed to sustainable forestry and since the summer of 2020, we use only certified sustainable wood in all of our kitchens, baths and wardrobes.

Green kitchen with integrated handles and a wooden worktop

-- recycled products

We strive to use only sustainable and preferably recycled materials. Since the end of 2020 all our foiled fronts have been made with recycled PET. And during 2021, we began using recycled MDF at the core of our kitchen fronts.

-- renewable energy

Since 2019 our factory and office are powered entirely on renewable energy and all lighting has been changed to LED to save energy. To accomplish this, we've entered into a PPA with Better Energy, a company which runs a solar park near Stevning, Denmark, that delivers green power to the public grid. These changes have reduced our energy consumption significantly.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

We love Danish design. We love creating products that are beautiful, timeless, and durable. We love working with quality materials that last. But we don’t love the waste that comes with it. 

Which is why we collaborate and work with Stena Recycling, leaders in recycling and resource management. They help us turn most of our waste into valuable resources. Whether that is something that can heat our buildings, become new materials, or inspire new solutions. 

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Precision, Passion, and Protection

-- our commitment to workplace safety

Producing your dream kitchen is what we do. And we do it through perfection and passion, but also whilst protecting our employees and their safety. For many years we have collected valuable insight through dialogue with our labour market representatives, to gain the relevant insight to create the right action plans. Through new and innovative initiatives we are able to make our production and warehouse a great place to work. 

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Diversity & Inclusion

-- shaping an inclusive workforce

Creating Danish design at surprisingly low prices for more than 10 markets is not an easy task - it requires many different skills and employees. So we need all the different competences that people from all over the world can offer through different genders, ages, educational backgrounds and experiences. Only then are we better equipped to realise the full potential of our operations through the broad spectrum of ideas, experiences, and perspectives.

Our Social Responsibility

It's a journey

We chose four UN SDGs.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all." We've chosen to focus on four specific goals – and we are dedicated to changing the way we do business.

The 4 goals we've chosen to focus on are:

Goal #8: Decent work and economic growth
Goal #12: Responsible production and consumption
Goal #13: Climate action
Goal #16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

Ballingslöv International Sustainability report 2021.

We are part of the Swedish concern Ballingslöv International AB. On a yearly basis, Ballingslöv International AB publishes a sustainability report, which describes the initiatives and progress that all the companies under its umbrella have made.

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