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What we have achieved

Our production is CO2 positive.

An ambitious and challenging mindset is at the very the core of our Kvik DNA and nowhere is this more evident than in the sustainability goals we have set for ourselves. In early 2021 we reached a big milestone when our production at our factory in Denmark became CO2 positive. And that means that looking ahead, we are raising the bar and we have set new ambitious goals of becoming CO2 positive throughout our entire supply chain in 2025.

Read on to find out what all this means.

What does the GHG Protocol really mean for both us and you?

Scope 1

This includes all direct greenhouse gas emissions from the activities that are under our control - including fuel combustion on site, fleet vehicles and air-conditioning. Our on-site heat recovery plant helped us achieve this scope.

Scope 2

This is all the indirect greenhouse gas emissions from our consumption of the electricity, heat or steam that we purchase. We're fortunate that here in Denmark it's possible to purchase certified clean energy and that we are able to cover our own heating needs with our own heat recovery plant.

Scope 3

This one is going to require a lot of cooperation with our suppliers, as it includes all other indirect emissions, such as the extraction and production of purchased materials and fuels and transport-related activities in vehicles that we don't own and operate ourselves.

Kvik production became CO2 positive in 2021.

Where are we headed on emissions?

Like any big, ambitious goal, it's a journey. We've taken some big steps already - converting to 100% renewable energy, changing all our lighting to LED, which consumes less and installing a self-sufficient heating plant that uses the waste from our production to heat our offices and factory. These were big, bold steps, but it's a journey and we're in it for the long haul. By the end of 2025, we expect to have converted all company cars to electric. We are also working closely with our suppliers to ensure that they too are CO2 positive.