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Energy Management

Project Stevning

-- solar power plants

Last year marked a turning point in our journey towards a green transition when we joined forces with visionary companies to take an active part in the establishment of green energy in Denmark. In January 2023, together with DFI-Geisler, Multiform and JKE Design, we concluded a power purchase agreement with Better Energy. Through this agreement, we have been part of establishing a new solar park near Stevning in southern Denmark. And we expect the plantation to supply approx. 60% of our energy consumption in Kvik A/S.

The new solar park adds an additional 35-gigawatt hours of annually produced renewable energy to the Danish grid. This amount of energy is equivalent to what 22,500 people in Denmark would typically need for their daily activities.    

Read more about our initiative with Better Energy

As manufacturers, it is our responsibility to be focused on sustainability and to continue to find ways to reduce the environmental impact of our businesses.

— Henrik Gade Andersen, Director of Strategic Purchase at Kvik.
Project Stevning

-- focus on fauna and wildlife

Project Stevning isn't just about watts and volts; it's also a sanctuary for life. The park also focuses on restoring biodiversity in the area by reintroducing local fauna and wildlife. Better Energy oversees both the management and maintenance of the park, ensuring expert care from specialists.

-- more than just power

-- groundwater protection

The Solar park is like a protective shields for groundwater. Unlike traditional farmland, it covers the ground with grass, safeguarding the water below.

-- livestock zones

Thanks to local zoning decisions, we can maintain the area by allowing livestock to graze.

-- pesticide-free

By removing pesticides and fertilisers from farming, the solar farm will have a positive impact on the surrounding nature and wildlife.