Buy now -- pay later

You don't need to pay the full amount for your kitchen now

With our financing options, you can choose to pay for your kitchen on your own terms. Don't want to drain that savings account? Planning a big wedding or anniversary? Going on a dream vacation? Do all that and get your dream kitchen as well. Use our financing option and pay it off in easy monthly payments.

You know your budget best

You know your monthly budget best, so we put you in the driver's seat with our easy monthly payments. You choose the amount and the length of the loan. You can finance all or part of your new kitchen - how much you want to finance is up to you.

No extra costs (only for specific markets)

Our cooperation with Resurs Bank means that there are no extra fees or interest, so the total price you pay for your new kitchen is the same as we quoted in your offer. You just have the opportunity to pay it off in easy monthly installments.

Financing FAQ

Financing your project is a big decision and of course you have questions. And naturally, we have answers.

Here's the fine print

Terms and conditions. This element is country specific - and the texts will come from elsewhere.

This is where the calculator could be

Which kitchen do you want to finance?