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The Sociable Kitchen®.

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We invented The Sociable Kitchen®.

Since the beginning, we've set out to revolutionise the kitchen industry, and this has led to a number of new ideas and products, all based on our research and experience of how people live their lives in their kitchens.

In 1998, we introduced the concept of The Sociable Kitchen®. The philosophy behind it is simple: A space where the kitchen is the living heart of the home. This is where we gather for cooking, a good laugh and deep conversations. This is where we have been working and going to school for the past couple of years. It's a place for everyday duties, for coffee breaks, for settling down with a book, for playing a game, for singing along with the radio as we cook. It's a place to laugh and cry and dance and live. This is where everyday life becomes surprising and the weekend magical. It is the space where everyone wants to hang out and just be.



Togetherness is the new luxury.

A lot has happened since 1999, we live in an online everyday life that can feel hectic and chaotic, and the modern kitchen space must therefore cover more and more of our increasingly broad set of needs. One cooks, another replies to emails, while the big teenager throws himself on the couch with his smartphone, and his little sister does homework at the table.

But whether we are many or few, live big or small, are online or offline, it is in the kitchen space that we gather. We need a respite in everyday life. A space where the mind can find rest, where we can feel togetherness and where good conversations arise. The Sociable Kitchen® is still the space where everyone wants to be.

Surprisingly low prices.

With deep respect for our customers and a willingness to change, Kvik has been developing sociable kitchens since 1999 and we dare to call ourselves experts. That's why you'll always find a broad range of exciting and sociable kitchens at surprisingly low prices in our stores. 

Why are our prices surprisingly low?

Not just an island.

Many people equate a Sociable Kitchen® with a kitchen island, but you can also introduce social functions in other ways. As a seat at the end of the counter where the kids can do homework or friends can drink a glass of wine while you cook. It's just any place where we can be together while we're in the kitchen.

Togetherness is the new luxury - today more than ever.

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A sustainable choice.

Not only did we launch The Sociable Kitchen®, we were also the first in the world to use recycled MDF in all our kitchen doors and drawer fronts. We also use foil made from recycled plastic bottles on all our doors and fronts. This means that your Sociable Kitchen® is not only high quality, it's also a sustainable choice that you can enjoy for many years.

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