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White kitchen worktop with cakes cups
High quality is simply what we expect

We demand a lot from both design and materials.

You use your kitchen every day, year in and year out - opening cupboards and drawers again and again in the course of your daily life. Worktops, shelves and surfaces need to withstand whatever you throw at them on a daily basis. 

In our quest to achieve and maintain the highest quality, we regularly carry test our products for quality and durability. This is how we ensure that you get a kitchen, bath or wardrobe that's top quality, designed and manufactured to last and look great for years to come. Our ongoing quality control also gives us the best basis for further developing and optimising our products and solutions - so we can always offer you the best range of quality products. 

Should you still unexpectedly experience that a product is defective, there's no need to worry. We stand behind our products with great warranties. Whether you have bought a kitchen, a bath or a wardrobe, you can confidently trust that we stand behind the quality.

All our products are of course covered by general consumer laws. In addition, any of our worktops, cabinets, doors and moving parts purchased after January 1, 2012 are covered by our special, extended warranties.

How long are you covered?

5 year warranty on kitchen worktops.

Bordplader er noget af det, der brWorktops are one of the parts of a kitchen that get the most use and we stand by ours with a 5-year guarantee.uges mest i et køkken, og vores kommer med 5 års garanti.

10 year warranty on cabinets, doors and sliding doors.

All our doors, kitchen/bath elements, Module16 elements, Vario19 building system and sliding doors are covered for 10 years.

25 year warranty on moving parts.

This is all the hardware - hinges, drawer rails, wheels and other moving parts - we cover these for a whopping 25 years!

What do I do if my product breaks?

If your Kvik product breaks down or you discover a defect and you think the problem is covered by the warranty, simply contact the store where the product was purchased. We will then investigate the matter further and assess, at our discretion, whether the damage or defect is covered by the warranty.

If the product is covered by the warranty, we'll decide at our own discretion whether it can be repaired or whether it should be replaced with a new or similar item. If the product in question has been discontinued from our range, we'll supply a suitable alternative product.

In that case, we bear the cost of the new product or the repair required. All you have to do is make the damaged product available to us so we can repair or replace it with a new one with minimal hassle.


To claim the guarantee, you must present documentation that the product was purchased from Kvik.

We don't pay for repair work, which you have ordered yourself, without prior written approval.

The guarantee does not apply to products that have been stored, assembled, installed or used incorrectly. Furthermore, the warranty does not apply if any changes have been made to the product, it has been misused or the product has been cleaned in violation of any maintenance instructions.

The warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, scratches, cuts or damage caused by blows or accidents. The guarantee also does not apply if the product has been placed outdoors or in a humid environment, for example.

The guarantee only applies if the products have been used exclusively for private use.

The warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages.

Replaced products and spare parts belong to Kvik.

Trust and sustainability are our core values.

— Your trust is important to us.

Your trust in our brand is of the utmost importance to us, and we want you to feel completely safe when you shop at Kvik.

— Our sustainability journey.

We're on a mission to ensure that we make some of the most sustainable kitchens in the business - we use recycled materials and all the wood we use in our products is made from certified responsible forestry. We are constantly innovating and working with our supplies to push the boundaries further.