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For Better Living, designed in Sweden. We believe that the best way to take care of our future, is to care about how we live today. That’s where we can make a difference. Everything we do is to help people make their lives effortless, enriching and more sustainable.

Electrolux EcoLine

Many of us are already on the journey of living a more sustainable life. Yet, it can be hard to make a positive impact on a daily basis. We want to make it easier.
Our most efficient products help you make the most efficient choice every time you use them.

Electrolux Matte Black Collection

The Matte Black Collection offers a wide selection of appliances in matte black for elegant kitchen design, so you can create your unique kitchen environment.

It was awarded the 2020 RedDot award in the Product Design category and the iFDesign award.

Intuit Kitchen Range

Highlighted Features

ComfortLift Dishwasher

Our unique technology lifts the basket to waist level with just a gentle push on a handle. It's so convenient that you'll wonder how you could have lived without it.

SteamPro Oven

SteamPro Multifunction Oven with Steamify® makes it easy for you to cook, bake, roast and steam dishes with precision. Its Sous-vide function cooks food slowly for professional results.

Greenzone Fridge Freezer

The 700 GreenZone fridge-freezer has a dedicated enclosed compartment with a separate climate function where humidity is maintained at an ideal level. This preserves up to 95% of the vitamins for up to 11 days.

Extractor Hob

The 800 FlexiBridge® induction hob with built-in hood allows your kitchen design ideas to flow. The hood doesn't need to be placed above your hob, freeing up space and allowing you to design your kitchen in your own way, without limitations.