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MILK -- for your morning smile

Our Milk bathroom cabinet is easily accessible and functional but with a youthfully informal approach to bathroom design. Everything is organised and right at hand every morning in both open shelving and and behind closed doors – just perfect for the smaller bathroom.


MILK -- open for toppings

Milk is sustainable and build entirely of FSC certified wood, but it's accessible even on a budget - which may lead you thinking about topping the look with signature details like an integrated sink or a fancy tap?

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MILK -- talent for details

Milk is brilliant in small bathrooms, where every detail counts towards your morning wellness. MILK's light minimalism is a starting point that lets you make bold choices for colours on walls, tiles, mirrors or maybe a bit of fancy lighting.

MILK -- for a larger menu?

Milk's special bathroom cabinet is not all that Milk can do for your bathroom. If you've got a bit more space, you can choose more high cabinets and tall cabinets in Milk and get a lot more bathroom storage options.

If you are planning to reconstruct your bathroom, perhaps even extend it, we suggest that you include one of our experts in your planning. The meeting is free and non-binding, and even though we do not sell shower room solutions or marble tiles - we do work with both craftsmen and contractors, who use our Danish designs as the starting point for their work.

MILK -- not just 
for your bath

— -- just as essential in your kitchen.

Let Milk play the key role in your bathroom - and quote yourself with Milk in the kitchen.

— -- constructive as a wardrobe too.

Milk wardrobe lets you set the same ground rules in the teenager's room.

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We know that a new kitchen is a big project. We want to be sure we have time to learn all about your project and answer all your questions. That’s why we encourage people to book a meeting with us, to ensure that we have plenty of time, just for you. Meetings are free and non-binding and a great idea, no matter where you are in your project.

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