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Tinta -- rise and shine in full colour

Tinta loves to add a cheeky touch of character to your bathroom – even in those with strictly white decor. The playful strips of colour add a beam of uniqueness to your Danish-designed bathroom and are a lively start to the rest of your day.


Good morning sunshine

Tinta is an appealingly simple design. Minimalistic all-white cabinets with integrated handles – that you can tailor to whatever colour you want! Perfect for drowsy mornings, that pop of colour will nudge your fingers in the right direction and get you ready in no time. Although the handle profiles on Tinta are so much more than colours – they come in several looks (hello aged bronze) and wood designs, like oak. 

Tinta's drawers are big enough for a whole family's essentials – or perfect for a beauty aficionado! Plus, their core is made from durable recycled MDF, and they have a handy soft close system. No more slamming drawers triggering a bad mood in the morning!

Tinta in the bigger picture

If you are in planning mode, it's good to consider how Tinta could work for you. 

The key design element, the pop of colour you can add, makes Tinta great for 'mellowing' a stringent all-white design. It can also connect other design elements you're planning in your bathroom or already exist – think, for example, brass taps or the colour of your walls. 

These profile elements are a great effect to explore if you want to connect the existing interior style of your kitchen or entryway without completely repeating yourself.

Tinta's distinctive design adds freshness to even the smallest bathrooms. Still, if you are planning a larger bathroom or need extra storage, this design comes in almost all cabinet types and widths - from slim high cabinets to XXL sink cabinets. 

What's my next step?

If you would like more precise knowledge of which Tinta element could fit into your bathroom's dimensions, you can have a free consulting hour with one of our consultants.

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