DIY - and all you need to know about it

Do It You Self, Self built kitchen, Co-build kitchen, Hobbyist, Homeconstruction - there are many words that describe DIY. And the most obvious reason for choosing DIY is: Discount

On average

you can save 15% on a kitchen

in full DIY

But there are many other things to consider than just the money - and we are sure you will need to be informed about them all before you choose. Lets talk about how much you can save why you should choose DIY, when you shouldn't,

If you are a serious DIY, the DIY is discount serious too

It is actually quite simple - the project price has 2 major parts: The hardware (kitchen elements and appliances) and the "software" - the nice guys that deliver, assemble and mount for you in your home. So the DIY discount that you could be looking at is the price of their time and effort.

So just how much is that?

Since the projects vary greatly in size and complexity, it would be unserious to name a specific figure - but statistically the DIY discount in Denmark is 15 % on a full DIY. Because offer more than one DIY method.


Life saving links: This is Infobank for DIY

All serious DIY'ers read manuals. Of course they do!


Do I have the right skills? And what about the tools?

As you probably know, at Kvik we will always suggest Danish design with the details of a carpenters kitchen: Tailormade adaptation and precision in construction detail. To assemble and mount it without meeting the same standards would be - well, unserious.


Your skills should meet





So as you can guess, a Kvik DIY requires more than just an allen key, and the tools do not come with the package. You will need a number of tools your self, and you will need to know how to use them with both precision and safety precaution, and a reasonable amount of experience.

The number and type of tools vary from project to project - and today they are really quite common often high quality among serious hobbyist.

So if your experience amounts to assembling the coffeetable or the couch with an allen key, the experience

You will also need experience in working with the instructions manuals for the assembly and installation processes spepcific to the Kvik concept.

We actually make the DIY project just for you

As you probably know, at Kvik we will always suggest Danish design with the details of a carpenters kitchen: Tailmade adaptation and precision in detail. 

What you may not know is that you only need to ask, then we will turn your specific project into a DIY project. But it will still be a Kvik køkken

No allen key.  No standard off the shelf solution.

Some of our competitors have specialised in designs that are so standard, that

We have been selling Do It Yourself kitchens since the very start of Kvik - and the special Kvik production concept has been the reason behind all along. Because, when you visit us, oOur showroom consultant develop and plan, not only the look and design fo your kitchen in your home, but all the production planning before - including tailormaking details, that can be done by our skilled and specialized carpenters in our factories. After that we plan assembly into precise assembly guides aimed at our own installation people. The reason for this both quality and cost; , so that installation can be nstructionS  Kvik kitchens are different from what you can buy at for instance Swedish Furniture - MegaSupermarkets, that sell "off the shelf"  DIY products that all can be assembled with a hex-tool, that are included in the package. THey specialise in production that


because allthough most customers prefer a full service solution, the skill level of hobbyists have been rising since the 1980'es. So it is a well established standard part of  our production strategy to develop kitchens with the most logical construction, and packaging, so we could keep prices surprisingly low on the assembly and the mounting as well. 


Considering DIY? Maybe watch this

What are the benefits of a Do it yourself ktichen?

The customers who ask for a DIY projects all have their good reasons - and you probably have your own motivation. While the choice is yours completely - here is the main advice we usually give 

Assemble your new kitchen

With all the elements gathered, you're almost ready to assemble your new kitchen! If necessary, draw where the elements should be placed directly on the wall - then you can quickly see the project take shape, and you know where to place each element.

Assembly guides

A Kvik kitchen is not born to be DIYIf you are serious about your DIY skills

It is probably not a surprise to you, but all our kitchen solutions are carpenters kitchens with all the tailormaking and finishin details that comes with it. And all the customers we meet, want exactly that.

Not all kitchens are like that. Som

At Kvik we don't think DIY = low quality. Neither does it mean cheap and second rate products. But some focus so much on cheap, that the


Some of our competitors are commercially succesful because the focus on furniture that is so easy to assemble that everyone can do it, even people with zero handyman experience. To do that, the they have to design the production to match - and they are good at it.An effective concept gives you off the self products that you pull down from a palletwarehouse storage rack and assemble with cartoon assemble guide and a hex wrench that comes with the package.

We are not like that, and our DIY concept is not like that. It is more accurate to say that o


The basic facts about DIY

Because a kitchen is never an off-the-shelf product, but always a project with a chain parts it is

important to understand that whar part oto us at Kvik the normal order

A kitchen project has a planning face, a production fase and an installation fase and a finalisation 

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