Lets talk Do It Yourself in the kitchen

We know how extremely satisfying it can be to look at a stunning new kitchen, thinking to your self: "I did that." Most of our customers get that feeling by designing their kitchen with our consultant.

No tools in hand.

However some of our customers are really serious about their craftsman skills - and because we are serious about Danish desing, we have special solution. 


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We actually make the DIY project just for you

As you probably know, at Kvik we will always suggest Danish design with the details of a carpenters kitchen: Tailmade adaptation and precision in detail. 

What you may not know is that you only need to ask, then we will turn your specific project into a DIY project. But it will still be a Kvik køkken

No allen key.  No standard off the shelf solution.

Some of our competitors have specialised in designs that are so standard, that

We have been selling Do It Yourself kitchens since the very start of Kvik - and the special Kvik production concept has been the reason behind all along. Because, when you visit us, oOur showroom consultant develop and plan, not only the look and design fo your kitchen in your home, but all the production planning before - including tailormaking details, that can be done by our skilled and specialized carpenters in our factories. After that we plan assembly into precise assembly guides aimed at our own installation people. The reason for this both quality and cost; , so that installation can be nstructionS  Kvik kitchens are different from what you can buy at for instance Swedish Furniture - MegaSupermarkets, that sell "off the shelf"  DIY products that all can be assembled with a hex-tool, that are included in the package. THey specialise in production that


because allthough most customers prefer a full service solution, the skill level of hobbyists have been rising since the 1980'es. So it is a well established standard part of  our production strategy to develop kitchens with the most logical construction, and packaging, so we could keep prices surprisingly low on the assembly and the mounting as well. 


What are the benefits of a Do it yourself ktichen?

The customers who ask for a DIY projects all have their good reasons - and you probably have your own motivation. While the choice is yours completely - here is the main advice we usually give 

Pick up your kitchen

With a complete do-it-yourself kitchen project, the first item on your 'to do list' is to find a practical vehicle or trailer to transport the items to your new kitchen safely home.

You'll pick up your new kitchen at your local Kvik store in flat packs, which are easy to pack in your van or trailer. You should definite enlist a strong friend to can help you carry and load.

You can also choose to have us assemble the kitchen elements in our workshop and pick them up already assembled to make installation easier.

See great Kitchen DIY options

Get an overview

Once you have brought your new kitchen home, make sure you have everything. We recommend that part of the kitchen and your worktop are stored indoors at room temperature and normal humidity. It is also a good idea to assemble and place the cabinets in the order you need to install them. Get an overview of the elements and use the detailed assembly instructions that come with your new kitchen.

Assemble your new kitchen

With all the elements gathered, you're almost ready to assemble your new kitchen! If necessary, draw where the elements should be placed directly on the wall - then you can quickly see the project take shape, and you know where to place each element.

Assembly guides

The cornerstone of your kitchen

If you need to install a kitchen island, it's crucial that you have the foundation 100% in order. The plinth is the kitchen's "cornerstone" on which your base cabinets and table top rest. If the plinth is unstable or not level, your kitchen won't be straight. Beyond it being annoying, it's easy to imagine what will happen if you set an egg on a worktop that's not level…not a particularly cool scenario!

In fact, you can also DIY your new Kvik bathroom or wardrobe with us

We know how extremely satisfying it can be to look at a stunning new kitchen, thinking to your self: " I did that". To arrive at that point there are a few hurdles and considerations we would like to help you with.

How do I choose between my new kitchen in Carpenter's  DIY level quality?

Of course the product quality is exactly the

About 15 % of our customers choose one of our DIY solutions - and are quite succesfull, and that percentage has been quite stabil since we at Kvik started i 1985.