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If you have visited a kitchen showroom, you have seen a built in oven in a kitchen cabinet


Dimensioning to the

Your favourite appliance will not look out of place

Just like you probably do, we admire the perfectionist designs of a number of modern kitchen appliances, and we love to make them shine in your new kitchen. However many of their specific appliances appear out of place in a Kvik design. Perhaps you'll feel that is a matter of taste - but most of the times it is a matter of dimensions. If the dimensions are not right, the seamless integration and are the stringent lines are lost. The spaceouness of Kvik XLcabinet design exceed industry standards means that appliances need to be matched. Sometimes it is a matter of a few millimeters but often it is around 10 cm, and regrettably, it is the appliance that end up looking out of place.

On our appliance list you will find appliances especially selected to fit seamlessly into Kvik 


Your appliances will speak the same design language

We have selected brands, that offer matching design in their full appliance selection