Choosing the best worktop for your project

The best worktop will make you smile for 25 years - COPY

Which one is the best worktop?

Clearly it depends on your specific project, but we think the 'recipe' has these 3 elements

Worktops are like a magnet in the room - to eyes, to hands and to the conversation


Design insight #1  Everybody is going to want to step up and join in. A centrally placed worktop with generous space can be a great quality - but even when placed by the wall you will probably appreciate that our worktops are bigger and winder than industri standards, letting you . Still, we always meet your measurements

Design insight #2 Design is more than meets the eye - the touch is also a great part of the sensory experience. Matt,  smooth, cool or warm to the touch - it matters greatly, what 'personality' you are sharing your kitchen with. Make sure you have physically touched the material in one of our showrooms.

Design insight #3 You actually have a free choice of worktop. At Kvik we don't insist that a certain kitchen design is combined with a specific worktop. That means you have our whole selection to choose from

Design insight #4  Some inspiration sparks from a detail - like a especially attractive water tap or a sink that requires a special mounting, somtimes not supported by certain worktops materials. Ask our showroom consultant for such details.

#1: "Know the 3 groups of durable worktops"

All the wokrtops in our carefully curated selection represent the top level of durability in their material type - but they endure your everyday life in different ways.

Wear and tear, heat, various stains, colourstability - these challenges are real to all worktops, but they offer different features. To get an overview, we can categorize them in 3 groups:

Horisontal or vertical?

#2 The best worktop lets you shape your dream

Until your plan is finalised you will probably consider many possibilities, not only in colour, but also in shapes and functions, and definitely in configuration: what sinks and taps in what matrials will you want? A worktop is not necessarily a flat answer to that question; it can be shaped in many ways and dimensions, and different materials give you different options. 

The 3 types of durability

The ultra hard advanced ones

Ceramics Dekton Quarts Composite

The natural ones

Hardwoods - several sorts, all oil finish Granite - real natural stone, wax finished

The multi layered ones

Kvik Laminate - based on chipboard Kvik Compakt laminate - slim and based on fiber/paper Kvik Core - advanced laminate materiale - can be repaire Kvik Touch - Matt surfaced compakt laminate



Here is where durability matters


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