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A Ceramic worktop guide to heaven

Are you interested in a ceramic w? Do you have trouble making up your mind, it can be because you need information, or that the info you have raises questions. This is a guide with information, decision tips and some subjective advice.

Ceramic - the jewel at the center of your kitchen

There are so many beautiful qualities to Ceramic worktops that it is too difficult to illustrtate with one single picture. Some of the slim line features and the colour nuances lets your kitchen become one in a million - provided that you find your exact favourite design in our ceramic list

Flawless on scratches, heat and stains

For kitchen work tops there is a well known list of ‘challenges’, that all kitchen dreamers need be aware of:

  • Scratches
  • stains from acids or grease,
  • strength, chipping
  • maintenance, cleaning
  • UV light discolouring

There is also a wish list:

  • Shapeability
  • Beauty – that can be designed

It is obvious that the challenge list is full of ‘regrets’ which it would be very valuable to avoid – and equally obvious that the technological development has focused on finding such perfect material. Today we rank all the worktop accordingly – and Ceramic tops that list. It is a star on the scene, so in many ways there are no downsides.

Flawless - how do I live that?

At Kvik, we love ceramic as a worktop, and we are proud to develop a kitchen project that will make you smile the next 25 years - but there are somer realities you should know before rather than after you get your new kitchen.

Ceramic is hard. It has almost all its attractive properties because it is harder than pots and pans, heat ressistant and not porose, so it does not absorb oils or acids. It has great strength and in a relatively thin construction it can carry heavy loads. But you should not read this to mean "so hard it can not be damaged" It is actually comparable to a diamond. Very hard and strong, so you can actually cut glass with it. Still you should not try to cut glass with  a diamond ring- but still you need to know what you should not do to a Diamond

A ceramic worktop comes with a warranty - and it is of the same standard as all Kvik warranties. You must read it at adhere to it to make it valid