It is VERY easy to meet with Kvik

Let's meet online

after hours, or even before you go to work. How about 8.15 AM?

Let's meet online

and talk about big and small questions

Let's meet online

and we'll give personal demonstration of Kvik kitchen designs - the differences, the material, the possibilities. You choose - we talk.

Let's meet online

and you can shows us the challenges and your ideas in your existing kitchen, by using your webcam or Iphone. Or is it perhaps an Android?

If you are already used to online meetings


... you'll be happy to know that we can use Zoom, Teams or any other meeting format you are used to. A link in an email is all you need to click on.

You can use PC or smartphone, and you do not need any advanced equipment besides that.  If you have questions about the technical side, like internet coverage where you are, you can get a check list here

What is the next step?

To meet with us online, you  simply click the button below, where you can book meetings. There are a few choices you need to make the next available meeting with Kvik store near you. 

When is an online meeting NOT a great idea?

On line meetings are getting more and more popular, but still the online formats have its limitations