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Ash - a modern northern hardwood

A natural blonde worktop

Ash is a nordic hardwood that has been used for furniture for hundreds of years, and cherishe for its blond veins in danish design since the beginning

If you have you heart set on a genuine wooden worktop you belong to almost a club of people who treasures a long list the veins, or the glow, or the eventual patina or the feel and the lineage of that piece of the forrest that now forms your kitchen worktop. Or all of the above. And to most of that group of our customers, the extra care that genuine wood demands is not a minus - it is way to groom for the fact that the work still is full of life and character, that grows when groomed and buffed.


Ash is naturally very light in hue, but the veins are beautiful even when treated with a dark pigmented protective oil.

Because ash is a massive wood work any cut displays more of its beauty - and the material it self invites for tailor making details by our pro carpenters. 

Like all massive wood worktops, ash puts a few design limits to what styles you can choose concerning which sink mounting and tap mount is posible in you project. Please talk to your local Kvik consultant



Ash is strong and robust, and it shows its robustness in its apppearance. At Kvik we use carefully selected cuts and sections of ash timber to form glulam that gives all the reliabilyty strength and consistent straightness in its lifespan.

Like all massive hardwood worktops, ash can be resanded, in case of surface damage.



Kvik Ash and the massive wood work tops are all FSC-certified wood and have the second lowest CO2 footprint* of all our worktops, mainly because it is highly recyclable, and because process transportation is limitied.

* = read more about worktop co2 footprint

User perspective

Like all massive wood worktops, an Ash worktop is warm and easy to be around for everyone in the family. Daily cleaning is easy, but we suggest regular care is left in the hands of grown ups.

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