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Man-made granite

Just like Dekton and Ceramic, Composite is a material that consists of natural minerals, in reality quarts and granite - but in a coarser grainsize. In stead of a extreme heat and pressure technology, the grains are mixed with a special resin and moulded under extreme pressure. Simply put, it is man made granite, with a hign degree of control over form and design.


Composite is extremely stong and quite hard - in much the same way as natural granite. However it has a more closed surface, and thus less absorant to liquids. Composite will support the mounting of all known aplliances. The surface of composite is well suited for a number cooking operations such as kneading a dough. 


People who love somposite often find it to be stylish and modern - like a hightech terasso.  Composite is available in 20mm as well as a slender 12 mm version


Because of it's hardnes the available edge profiles are limited. Most of the adapting to your specific measurements are possible, but not on the spot - they must be accurately measured by professionals and carried out prior to delivery


At Kvik, Composite comes in mat or polished surface finishes 


The colours and design selection is plentiful, and and many appear just like natural stone.

Sustainability perspective

Ccomposite worktops in the Kvik selection represent the high end of the scale when it comes to carbon foodprint*. Although Composite is made of natural granite and quarts, it is requires energy to both produce and to transport it's heavy weight by truck. 

* = read more about worktop co2 footprint

User perspective and options

Composite is easy to keep clean for all users. It has a surface feel that is cold to the touch.