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Kvik Touch - it speaks to your senses

Impressively matt

Kvik Touch is a recent innovation in Kvik's portfolio with thrilling new features - essentially built on to something extremely well proven and popular: the Kvik laminate concept.  The core is still our extra strong multy layer chipbaord, and the bottom layers have also been kept - but the surface layers of decor and melamine have been innovated. The result is the Touch surface that is matt to the eye, and extremely smooth to the touch. And opposed to many matt surfaces, i.e. painted walls, it is not susceptible to oil and greases - and therefor basically fingerprint free.


Clearly Kvik Touch opens for new design combinations - and adds a new sensory appeal to what you can do with your styling. In your project you can do the same things with Kvik Touch as with Laminate - but the colour selection is mainly monochrome, with only a few patterned designs. Yet, because Kvik Touch is proving quite popular, new designs are being added .


Because the design is layered on to the worktop, the edges profile is most often the factory made profile - but cuts can to some extend be tailormade on the spot. The number of edge profiles is limited.


Kvik Touch all have a matt surface with no structure in it.


The colour palette is limited for now - but the matt surface seems to change the way in which nuances are matched and contrasted. 

Sustainability perspective

Kvik Touch has the lowest carbon footprint* of all our worktop materials and is part of a meticulous recycle- and upcycle process. The surface is made out of recycled PET bottles

* = read more about worktop co2 footprint

User perspective and options

Laminate is family friendly and simple to clean with a damp cloth - that can be entrusted all age groups. We advice to follow the directions of use at all times.