It is VERY easy to meet with Kvik


A great way to meet - even outside normal hours

An online meeting only requires that you have a PC - or a smartphone. And if you prefer, we're fine with meeting after hours. How about 8.00 AM ?

We will answer any question

You run the show - we are fully focused on talking  about your project and dream kitchen, and no question is off limits. Only requirement is that you are serious about your project - because we are.

You don't have to make a presentation

You decide what part of your home, or of your project plan,  you want us to see - but the more specific you can get, the more useful answers we can give.

Invite your family to join in - even if they are far away

Kitchen projects are family projects - so you might want to hear opinions from the teenage room upstairs, or from Daddy while he is still in the office. Simply share a link with them - and you're good to go.

Just like a meeting in the store..

we will meet face to face, so you know who to talk to for the rest of the project

But with your webcam

... you can show us a lot more of your home and its interior, and what you'd like to do with it

... and we could turn it into this

as a final result. Of course it is only a suggestion - what do you say?

If you are already used to online meetings

... you'll be happy to know that we will be using Zoom, an online meeting format that is widely accpeted and easy to use. A link in an email is all you need to click on. You can use PC or smartphone, and you do not need any advanced equipment besides that.

If you have questions about the technical side, like internet coverage where you are, you can get a check list here

What is the next step?

To meet with us online, you  simply click the button below, where you can book meetings. There are a few choices you need to make the next available meeting with Kvik store near you. 

When is an online meeting NOT a great idea?

On line meetings are getting more and more popular, but still the online formats have its limitations