The honest truth about ceramic worktops

Perhaps you have heard about the unbelievable Ceramics material: thin, strong, hard. Or perhaps you have seen it: impressive in size and with design and finish that just says welcom to a new Millenium. Most of the rumours are really true: through many years of scinetific research.  Ceramics is so hard and resilient to almost any thing in a kitchen, that it is hard to really believe it some times. So if you too fell a need to get things into perspective it is only natural.

Why Ceramics is a superior material

Ceramic is basically burnt clay, and known all over the world, though China perfected the technology over 1000 years ago

In a classical perception, ceramics is brittle and used for tea and coffee, or

When ceramics was rediscovered  at the middle of last century, it was for its heat properties. The first spceshuttles had ceramic undersides to deflect the heat during reentering the Earth's atmosphere - and today the use in electrical hobs and kitchen knives comes through deep scintifc research that has refined the thousand year old technology of burning of clay. 

... but really not Cryptonite

So it is the result of constant improvement and a hunt for good anser to the needs of the kitchen: Heat resistant, scratch resistant, durable...


Ceramics is pure space tech

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... already in your kitchen

and tough as knives

This is a guide to deciding 


How do I live with a ceramics kitchen work top?

Ceramics is harder than anything in your family everyday life.


Do you dream of a high tech worktop?

Ceramics is not the only highly advanced solution to y ou work top needs

  1. Dekton
  2. Core 
  3. Composite