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Key insights to a winefridge in your kitchen

May we show you the winecellar?


You don’t need a basement to keep an exclusive winecellar ..

Of course you are familiar with that wonderful experience when the first sip of wine turns into smooth velvet on your pallet. But that wine experience does not have to be exclusive to restaurant visits. 

 - just let a wine fridge be your sommelier

'Wine fridge' or 'winecooler' is perhaps a little misleading because we are talking so much more than cooling: It is a dedicated wine cabinet with advanced climate and protection features, and they are widely used by high profile restaurants - perhaps in bigger sizes.  Generally there are 3 main reasons for choosing a to have winefridge, and they work just as well in your kitchen as in a restaurant:

  1. For keeping wines ready (at their ideal serving temperature)
  2. For storing wines optimally (air condition, protection)
  3. For organising and presenting the wine 

If you are thinking of buying a wine fridge, or unsure which type to choose, this basic guide is for you.  We will guide into to the short term benefits, the long term benefits, the benefits in your kitchen project and how to take the next step.

A wine cooler - and you are already a sommelier

Of course we are exagerating your wine expertise - but in the sociable kitchen, it is very practical that a perfect bottle of wine is right there, not too cold, not too warm, but climatised and in balance ready to be uncorked ... as we speak. Maybe your guest will have a suggestion or pick through the glass front? In all cases every aspect of your dinner is shareable as kitchen life is sociable and shareable 

The wine menu looks good tonight

There are several types and styles of wine fridges on our Kvik Appliances to choose from, but they all have a glass front, that gives a beautiful overview of the wines to look forward to tonight

A winecooler is delicately precise...


As a rules of thumb,10-12 C is the serving temperature

Red wines

Generally served at 18 C - but some specific styles may have specific serving ideals

Sparkling wines

... best served around 5 C

.. because it's much more than a refrigerator...

If you think of a fridge but with sophisticated air conditioning inside, you are close. Some can be built into your kitchen cabinets or some stand alone, but it will maintain temperatures that a refrigerator normally can't  - e.g. 12C - with precision in all of its interior. On top of that it will control the quality of the air in terms of humidity and purity. You can even find more advanced features in the specific products in our wine cooler selection

.. and it looks great too

The insulated glass front is of course both practical and aesthetic, and there are several ways we integrate it into your new kitchen project to enhance the Danish design - at surprisingly low prices. 

A little bit of tailormaking..

Integrated into the cabinet front...

No matter which one of our listed winecoolers you choose, we can adapt it into the deign style of your project Here, the winefridge is integrated into an Ombra cabinet with a tailor made door.

Integrated in the kitchen lay out

As part of the chef's island, the winefridge is mounted on the plinth - without a cabinet, but tailor made integration finish .

... or stand alone

Especially if you need bigger wine coolers, stand alone is an option - but some can also be integrated into a Kvik high cabinet

The longer you keep your wine, the more you will love a winefridge

If you are perhaps an intermediate winelover, you wil begin to consider increasing your knowledge and to invest when you see quality wine at prices you like. Keeping a stock to look forward to. And for that purpose a winefridge is perfect, because it portects your investment to keep it. 

Stability is everything

forward to. And for that purpose a winefridge is perfect, because it portects your investment to keep it. 

A wine cooler gives your best wines the optimal conditions

Why does "optimal conditions" matter? The better you treat any bottle of wine, the more likely it is to give you the optimal experience of it contents - the qualities and nuances that you chose it for.