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Do it yourself kitchen

Do you want to install your dream kitchen yourself? Or do prefer us to do all the work it for you? At Kvik, you choose how you want your kitchen delivered and installed, depending on how much you want to do yourself.

We know that price plays a significant role in the decision-making process when you're looking at the drawings ofthe floor plan of your new house or planning a major kitchen renovation. Whether you need space for everything in a few square meters or want to create a new centre for family life, you'll find quality Danish design kitchens at surprisingly low prices. And when it's time to realise your kitchen dreams, you can save money if you choose to the DIY option. 

You can do it yourself

When it's time to build your new dream kitchen - or bath or wardrobe - it is always good to consider whether you have the courage to do the work yourself. How difficult is it? What type of tools do you need? How many people do you need to help you?

Read on to get an overview of the process, and be helped along the way. Hopefully you will find that it doesn't have to be difficult with a Do It Yourself-kitchen.

PRATO grey

12 345,-

Pick up your kitchen

With a complete do-it-yourself kitchen project, the first item on your 'to do list' is to find a practical vehicle or trailer to transport the items to your new kitchen safely home.

You'll pick up your new kitchen at your local Kvik store in flat packs, which are easy to pack in your van or trailer. You should definite enlist a strong friend to can help you carry and load.

You can also choose to have us assemble the kitchen elements in our workshop and pick them up already assembled to make installation easier.

Get an overview

Once you have brought your new kitchen home, make sure you have everything. We recommend that part of the kitchen and your worktop are stored indoors at room temperature and normal humidity. It is also a good idea to assemble and place the cabinets in the order you need to install them. Get an overview of the elements and use the detailed assembly instructions that come with your new DIY kitchen.

CIMA light oak

123 456,-

Assemble your new kitchen

With all the elements gathered, you're almost ready to assemble your new kitchen! If necessary, draw where the elements should be placed directly on the wall - then you can quickly see the project take shape, and you know where to place each element.

Assembly guides

The cornerstone of your kitchen

If you need to install a kitchen island, it's crucial that you have the foundation 100% in order. The plinth is the kitchen's "cornerstone" on which your base cabinets and table top rest. If the plinth is unstable or not level, your kitchen won't be straight. Beyond it being annoying, it's easy to imagine what will happen if you set an egg on a worktop that's not level…not a particularly cool scenario!

White kitchen with a kitchen island and a solid wood worktop

MANO white

123 456,-