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Is a DIY kitchen for me?

Everything you need to know about installing your kitchen yourself

Do-it-yourself, build-it-yourself, co-built kitchen, hobbyist, home construction – there are so many words that describe DIY and just as many reasons to do it yourself. But the most obvious reason for choosing DIY is — the discount.

On average

you can save 15% on a kitchen

if you choose to fully DIY

But there are many other things to consider other than just the money you can save – and we want to be sure you make an informed decision when you choose to DIY. So, let's talk about how much you can save, why you should choose DIY and when you maybe shouldn't.

If you're serious about DIY, we're serious about the DIY discount

It is pretty simple – your project price has two major parts:

  1. The hardware – (kitchen elements and appliances)
  2. The software – that's the friendly people that deliver, assemble and install everything for you in your home. The DIY discount you could be looking at is the price of their time and effort. 

So how much IS that?

It would be unserious to name a specific figure since projects vary significantly in size and complexity. Statistically, the average DIY kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe project ends up with an approximate DIY discount of 15% if you fully install your project. We offer multiple DIY methods, and you can choose the one that suits you best - you can read about them below.

White kitchen with a kitchen island and a solid wood worktop

MANO white

123 456,-

3 ways to spend your DIY discount

It 's perfectly OK to do it just for the money —

this is actually what our installers do.

CIMA dark oak

123 456,-

— but you can also do it to fulfil your kitchen dreams

Choose DIY in order to afford that Quooker, wine fridge or an upgraded worktop. It makes great sense to use your whole budget to get your dream kitchen if you are able to install it yourself.

— or you can extend your style to your bath or wardrobe

Maybe installing it yourself means you can carry your new Danish design style through to another room, like your bathroom or entryway.

Let's talk skills for a Kvik DIY project

As you probably know, we always deliver high quality Danish design tailormade to your measurements and precise in every detail.

Danish design focuses on precision lines and perfection in the details. If we didn't extend that craftsmanship all the way to the installation, DIY would probably be easier. Everything could be assembled by anyone, using an Allen wrench that came in the box. 

But then there would be bound to be gaps and misses - "standard" sizes that just didn't don't fit your space, worktops out of level and wobbly cabinets. No Danish design can make up for that.

No Allen wrench. No standard solutions. Just Danish design.

That means our instructions aim at that craftsmanship, and the necessary tools are not an Allen wrench included the package. You have to have a decent set of tools yourself and you need to have the skills to use them safely.

Watch this video to get an idea of what it takes.

Should you choose DIY?

Of course, it is completely up to you whether you choose the DIY route.

But in our experience, the successful DIY’er is able to do it just as precisely as our installers - the "nice guy" in the video above, though perhaps not as fast as him. The video gives a good indication of the type of challenge it is. The installer in the video has nice tools, but they are not specialised, and could be found in his private toolbox. He puts screws in straight in all types of walls and cuts circular and square holes in cupboards with precision and on the first try, because he's experienced at reading a carpenter's instruction manual. He's an experienced Kvik installer, but he doesn't necessarily have formal carpenter's training, nor is he an electrician, but he can install the kitchen, including all appliances. And so can you if you have the tools, the know-how, a bit of patience and the nerve to do it. 

Who should not choose DIY?

Actually our kitchens (or baths or wardrobes) can be successfully installed by men or women, young or old. But if you think your Kvik DIY project will be as easy to assemble as a flatpack bookshelf you pick up at one of those big warehouse places, you'll be unpleasantly surprised. And we wouldn't recommend that you choose DIY.