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4 tips for upcycling your kitchen


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The most sustainable choice you can make is to keep your kitchen and upcycle it! We have gathered 4 tips for ways you can give your home a kitchen renewal with a fresh new look to make it last a few more years.

If you truly want to have a sustainable kitchen, take a look around at the kitchen you have and see what updates you can make so that you can enjoy it for a few more years. Although our business is new kitchens, we are so serious about sustainability that we want to help you get a bit more use out of the one you have. So let's have a look at ways you can upcycle your kitchen to make it last.

1. Change the details

Explore the details of your kitchen to see what small changes you can make towards your kitchen renewal. Changing handles from brass to cast iron or maybe switching out the colour of the moulding between the drawers can make a big difference, Then add accessories to underline the new style or colour you have added.


We have extended our assortment of handles and our handle free kitchens have details you can exchange easily and quickly for a whole new look.

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2. Change just the fronts

Look into whether you can keep your cupboards and just exchange the fronts. Take some pictures and measurements and drop by for a conversation with your local kitchen expert to find out. If you already have a Kvik kitchen, it should be possible to make the change.


If you want to upgrade on the inside try out our inside drawers for more storage or add some clever pull-out shelves for corner cabinets.

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3. Change your worktop and sink

The worktop and your sink are the icing on the cake, plus they're the parts of the of the kitchen that get the most use. If you replace your worktop, the kitchen will have a fresh new look. Remember wood and laminate are the most sustainable choices for a worktop, and laminate by far the most economical.


Check out our 2 cm solid wood worktop with our new Supreme treatment. It's a revolutionary new treatment that means your wooden worktop will resist stains and wear for years. And that will make a big difference on the lifetime of your kitchen.

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4. Choose a new style

New lighting, open shelves showcasing accessories, a new backsplash or new colours on the walls can really change the look of your kitchen without having to replace anything at all of the actual kitchen.


Did you know we have a full catalogue of Danish design Items to add that extra style to your kitchen.

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