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5 tips on how to decorate your wardrobe

Are you planning on creating a new and lovely wardrobe for your bedroom, entrance hall, utility room or children's room? Especially in the planning phase, it pays to think through the project so that you get a wardrobe that you will be happy with for many years. In this guide you'll find inspiration for your wardrobe interior, and get ideas to how your wardrobe closets can become straight as an arrow and easy to access.

At Kvik you will find the ultimate combination of practical functionality and timeless design to optimse your wardrobe interior. From trouser holders and basket pull-outs to shoe shelves and hanger rods (even with built-in LED light!). We have a wide selection of accessories, so you can decorate a flexible wardrobe with lots of smart storage options. We provide you with tailor-made storage with smart interiors that suit exactly your and your family's needs - and your wallet.

5 good advices

Efficient design of wardrobe

1. Categorize your clothes

It may sound banal, but in fact there are many who do not get it done, and it's essential for a proper wardrobe interior. Divide your clothes into categories - dresses, pants, blouses, etc. - and any subcategories, such as color or occasion (formal, festive, business, casual). It makes the wardrobe appear more rigorous and delicious, and you will find it easier to find what you are looking for. It is also a good idea to divide by season, so that the thick knit blouses, for example, are at the back or top of the closet in the summer.

2. Use shelves and boxes

It pays to think practically when you need to decorate your wardrobe. Shelves are good for utilising wasted space - especially when they are located at the top of the wardrobe. Boxes are perfect for scarves, socks and other trinkets that otherwise do not have a logical fixed place. Avoid opening open shelves in large rooms, as otherwise dust will accumulate on your clothes.

3. No cabinet without drawers

Drawers are simply a "must have" when decorating your wardrobe. The meticulous person of order will enjoy being able to sort underwear from socks and have other loose objects in spacious, functional drawers, which provide a full overview and easy access. Always place drawers in the lower part of the wardrobe so that they are easy to reach.

4. Smart trousers

Do you, the man or the teenager have many trousers lying folded in stacks in the wardrobe? A smart alternative is trouser pull-outs, which let trousers and jeans hang nicely side by side, without being curled. Then you also have an overview of the color shades for that particular shirt or sweater that is to be matched with the trousers today.

5. Small mirror on the cabinet there

Make sure you can see yourself - preferably from head to toe - when choosing outfits from the wardrobe. Choose sliding doors with built-in mirrors or a smart pull-out mirror that can be pulled forward from the cabinet and pushed back when you no longer need it. With a large mirror in the wardrobe, you can make sure that the clothes fit perfectly before you jump out the door.

Discover the potential of wardrobe designs

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— Stylish sliding doors

Modern life often creates clutter! And if you focus on making full use of the space in your wardrobe, we recommend stylish sliding doors, which utilize all the nooks and crannies of the room as well as the full height. The sliding doors can be tailored to the utility room, children's room, bedroom - and where else you need it - so you get a harmonious expression throughout the house. You also get more floor space, as sliding door cabinets do not take up extra space in the room when you need access to the wardrobe.

— High cabinets and build-in cabinets

Our wardrobe solutions give you full value on space utilization! A practical high cabinet with shelves gives you tons of options for storing knitwear, winter clothes and smart boxes with scarves, mittens and bicycle lights. If you have to think alternatively, smart built-in cupboards give you unexpected space in, for example, the children's room, when you also combine it with a bed for juniors.