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A basic guide to freshening up your bathroom

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Everyone should have a bathroom worth spending time in. And you can – even based on the one you have. We have a wide selection of inspiring elements to get you to your bathroom 2.0. Here is a guide to the 3 main approaches for a smooth renovation of the bathroom.

All homes are built with bathrooms, but in our experience most people dream of improving the one they have. The most common reason is that bathrooms are built for function and necessity – when they could be the centre of relaxation and wellness, which makes you feel brand new every morning. And they are quite sociable too: most bathrooms are an intersection for family life in the morning as everyone brushes their teeth and gets ready for their day. It should be a room worth spending time in. So what are the main considerations to help you get there?

The scope of your new bathroom

An existing bathroom is quite a challenge to renew because it was built to meet the strict building regulations applying to a wet rooms. The regulations will still be need to be obeyed, but quite often modern, even stricter regulations become applicable in certain situations - in general when alterations are significant. Still, it is important to remember: all your dreams are possible, they just need the right plan. Begin by deciding the scope of your project:

  1. Re-decoration
  2. Re-designing
  3. Re-construction

Redecorate at your pleasure

If a redecoration is the scope of your plan, we suggest you take starting point in your own inspiration, your personal style and taste for matching. We say that because we have an extensive collection of bathroom accessories, lighting and storage solutions that can go with any bathroom milieu and become the spark for a lift of the bathroom all together. A small change can make a big difference. 

  • Start with new grips or handles on your furniture
  • Take a look at our new modern bathroom lighting options
  • Get inspired by our bathroom accessories – all of them in designs and functionality that add new life to your bath room.

There are many ways to get started and you can combine them all in your own personal style. When it comes to installation of these items, you can trust us to give you clear directions as to what you can do your own and where you need to involve a pro. Renovation of a bathroom can seem like a daunting task but we are here to guide you safely through. 

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Rethink your bathroom with Danish design

Introducing Danish design to your bathroom lets you take a new perspective in a substantial way – even within the scope of the existing room, and without relocating any of the big things, like plumbing or outlets. The reason is that the minimalistic aesthetics of our bathroom furniture integrates so much functionality that it can free up space or offer extra storage in your bathroom. A wall-mounted cabinet with an integrated sink in sleek Danish design frees up floor space as well as air flow and makes the existing floor and wall surfaces come to their full visual potential.

  • Rethink your shelves with super-organised drawers that free your walls and hold everything you need – right where your need it: in front of the mirror
  • Rethink your mirror setup with an integrated sink that visually flows directly into the worktop
  • If you are into DIY, you can choose to mount major parts yourself but will likely need authorised pros for connecting plumbing and electricity.

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Reconstruct your way to a truly new bathroom

Many bathroom dreams are inspired by magazine images of a free-standing bathtub or a waterfall shower, fabulous new material for walls or floor such as marble or tiles. We don't offer full bathroom renovations, but we guarantee that our bathroom furniture and accessories will look outstanding together with you new bathroom.

However, in reality once you open a surface in a wet room, or decide to relocate a connection point for the drain just a little bit, it becomes a reconstruction project that calls for the involvement of authorised specialists. 

This should not stop your dream – but it is our advice to plan especially for that:

  • Figure out exactly what you want, then consult the appropriate specialists for an overview of regulation requirements
  • Then make full use of the skilled craftsmen you will need – and to avoid surprises time and cost overruns
  • In all cases our kitchen experts are happy to help you develop your plan 

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