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Black kitchen design guide

PRATO black

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The white kitchen has been a fixture in most homes for many years, but now colours and a more personal kitchen have come into fashion. A kitchen is no longer just a kitchen. It is a space for presence, conversation and play and for making a statement in your home. That has meant that many people are moving away from the clean and clinical white kitchen, opting instead for a kitchen with a bit more edge.

Do you dream of a kitchen that stands out, but at the same time still exemplifies the Danish design tradition? Then perhaps a black kitchen is for you?  In a time when the white and bright kitchen has been dominant in most homes, the black kitchen is a choice that stands out. 


Let's have a look at the charms of a black kitchen.

Danish design in a black kitchen

It is not the colour that defines the Danish design kitchen - it's the design of the kitchen modules, the materials its made from and the minimalist look. Our black kitchens extend this tradition with a whole new look. 

Black wooden kitchen with kitchen island

MANO sera

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Play with the details

It's okay to hesitate. After all, we want our kitchens to last for many years. Therefore, you can also break up your light kitchen with black elements that give your kitchen more personality. It can be black appliances instead of the typical solution in brushed steel, or it can be a black sink and faucet that gives your kitchen edge. Discover our large selection of appliances, kitchen sinks and taps.

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Finish off your kitchen with the right worktop

Your worktop should be both practical and aesthetic. First and foremost, it must be able to withstand whatever you put it through on a daily basis. In addition, it should also compliment your kitchen doors. A black kitchen doesn't limit your choices, it gives you an opportunity to create some strong contrasts between colours and materials.

Create a contrast between the soft and the hard with kitchen doors in wood veneer and a worktop in granite or composite. Or frame your matt kitchen doors with a polished worktop in a light, shiny finish.

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Choose a contrast

It's all black & white

Choose a sharp contrast with a white worktop.

Composite worktop in white

Get a durable worktop in white composite.
Wooden worktop with a black sink

Solid wood worktop

A worktop in solid wood gives your black kitchen an organic look.

CIMA dark oak

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Keep it matching

Keep the dark look with a dark worktop.

What look are you going for?

Should your kitchen be subdued? Or should it stand out and demand attention? The kitchen doors are where it's all at -  doors you choose will give your kitchen its final look. If you dream of a black and light kitchen with a natural and stylish look, black kitchen doors in an oak veneer may be what you are looking for. Here, the visible oak structure of the kitchen doors also helps to give your kitchen an organic look.

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