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Cleaning your kitchen cabinets

Picture this, your brand new kitchen has been installed. Like any proud parent, you want to take care of it, nurture it, proudly show it off. Your guests are arriving for the new kitchen inauguration and you notice a little mark on your kitchen cabinet. You want it looking sparkling clean, grab a cloth to mark it down and – uh oh, you’ve made the mark more noticeable. Now, it may not always be top of the list, but learning how best to clean kitchen cabinets is going to help you keep your shiny new kitchen looking that way for a long time. Let us take you through the do’s and don'ts for every kitchen cabinet material. A note on cloths. Make sure to always use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to clean your kitchen cabinets and surfaces. It’s the best to clean with and importantly, avoid scratches.

Matt or laminate cabinets

Although marks are generally less visible on matt cabinets, being in a kitchen will always accumulate some kind of grease stains. Sticky fingers, cooking oil, spills and splashes…it’s going to happen. But, luckily, cleaning matt cabinets is super easy. Phew. 

Simply fill a bowl with some warm water, add a drop of washing up liquid and give it a proper stir to make sure it’s all mixed together. 

Soak a clean microfibre cloth in the water, wring it out properly, and simply wipe down the cabinets. 

Make sure to wipe down the edges of cabinets, and of course handles and hinges too - that’s where grease will most likely get stuck!

Finally, get a fresh, clean cloth and wipe down all the cabinets to avoid any marks. And…that’s it! Simple. 

Be sure to keep up this kind of refreshing of your kitchen regularly, it’s the best way to prevent any stubborn stains appearing! Avoid any rough sponges, like scourers – they’ll only damage your beautiful cabinets. Dusting wipes are also best to steer clear from, they create static, so it’s more likely that they’ll attract more dust than you started with!

So, the bottom line is that frequent cleaning will help keep your kitchen looking fresh in the long run. 

Although, we know how life can be, if you do have a build up of grease our life-saving trick is vinegar. 

With a ratio of 1:2 of white vinegar to warm water, give a clean cloth a good soak in the mixture – about 3-5 minutes. Wring it out, and use this cloth to wipe down your cabinets. Get another clean soft cloth, and using fresh warm water, wipe off the mixture. Follow up with a wipe down with a clean soft cloth. Any really sticky spots can be handled with neat vinegar, either sprayed or dabbed on. Wipe clean afterwards as above. 

Your kitchen will be feeling brand new in no time!

High-Gloss kitchen cabinets

The best way to clean high-gloss kitchen cabinets is to clean up any spills immediately! It will help you in the long run. Day-to-day cleaning just needs wiping with a soft microfibre cloth or even a feather dist. This will tackle fingerprints or any little marks. For a deeper clean, read on.

Fill a bottle with water and spray down your cabinets and simple wipe with a soft cloth and dry with another clean cloth – it’s that simple! Make sure you don’t air dry them, as you’ll most likely get some unwanted marks left behind. Be sure to not use any chemical cleaners, it will only damage the cabinets, and they only need water!

Stay away from…

We’ve said it already but must reiterate, don’t use harsh scourers on your kitchen cabinets! It will scratch surfaces and dull the appearance of your beautiful cabinets, and we don’t want that. Equally, sprays or cleaners full of harsh chemicals will damage your cabinets over time, so avoid them by using natural cleaners like vinegar or eco-friendly cleaning sprays – or stick to simple soap and water. 

Cleaning products

We have developed a series of cleaning products that make maintenance and care of your kitchen a breeze. The series contains oils and polishing agents as well as cleaning agents for various surfaces. The products clean and protect your kitchen so that you preserve the beautiful appearance and functionality of the materials. You can find the products in a Kvik store near you. 

With a little regular maintenance you can keep your kitchen cabinets looking clean and fresh (and brand new!) for longer, so it really is worth putting in a little elbow grease when you can.