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Cool reasons for a boiling water tap

Are you looking for more than just hot and cold running water and have heard of some cool, new tap options but need help knowing where to start? Then let us introduce you to the world of multi-functional water taps. Dive into this guide and prepare to add some sparkle to your life.

Everyone calls it a boiling water tap, but it's cooler than that. Let us introduce the multifunctional water tap. You can configure it to be the hot spot where everyone gathers for a drink - from a freshly brewed cup of coffee, a fizzy cooling drink or a healthy glass of chilled H2O. Water. It's always been great for you – and with a multifunctional tap, it's intelligent, too.

A guide to more than just the boiling water tap

We have great news if you're keen to know more about multifunctional water taps. We offer several designs and combinations to choose from. It can include something other than boiling water if that's not of interest. We'll talk you through the various functions, features and upsides. Like how it saves space and money, time and resources - but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Read on to see what you should consider when choosing a multifunctional tap for your kitchen.

How often do you use these types of water?


Boiling water goes into much more than just your teapot. Having it on demand saves you not only space (no more kettle on the worktop or the stove!). But also, waiting-for-it-to-boil-time, money on electricity and water because you only boil what you need.


Although fresh water is high quality in many regions, some prefer filtered drinking water. Advanced filtering is an option within our selection of multi-functional water taps.


Cold-cold...with ice cubes or chilled – it's up to you. No more waiting for the tap to run cold, no more lukewarm water during the summer, and no more wasting the first litres waiting for it to run cold. Just all the refreshing cold water you need.


Suppose you're already into sparkling water for a party or an everyday treat. You no longer have to carry heavy bottles back from the supermarket. And the soda machine will no longer be a hassle or take up valuable counter space. Plus, no more half-filled bottles of flat water taking up residency in your fridge.

Your new boiling water tap has hidden talents

No matter which functions you choose, the important installations are hidden in the cabinet - and they all connect to your cold water source. 

Quooker - the boiling water 

Thanks to a surprisingly slim installation under the worktop, the Quooker gives you boiling water on demand - right out of the same water tap you use for cold fresh water. Opening your Quooker tap gives you precisely the amount of boiling water you need - and not a drop more.

Thanks to state-of-the-art thermal insulation, it only uses the energy it needs. Compare that to the most common method of uninsulated stove kettles, or electric kettles, some of which require a minimum of half a litre to function  - and you have an everyday energy saving that is easy on your budget. 

You choose - above or below the sink

And, as you can see you can choose to add a unit for filtering, for carbonating and for chilling water too. You also have a choice of water taps and brands, and the functionalities and designs  that suits your project 

See our selection of kitchens taps and specifically Quooker options here.

Have a look at a boiling water tap - and other new friends

You might be on the fence about boiling water. It's only natural; the simple hot/cold tap is a familiar friend - although you can sometimes get a hot water shock with a new faucet.

But in fact, you really can't get that kind of surprise with a Quooker. As you can see in this video, you cannot unknowingly turn on boiling water – it's operated by a separate lever. Plus, it has child protection and a red light indicator when it has been activated. 

Really? - No down sides?

You are perfectly capable of considering the advantages and disadvantages yourself - but a multifunctional water tap represents so many intelligent and sustainable answers that it is probably the future of kitchen water taps. It's up to you just how futuristic your new kitchen will be - but the only challenge is getting familiar with this new technology.

New friends - new habits

If losing your kettle feels like saying bye to an old friend, it may not be easy to part with. You will need new and safe routines around boiling water - but in our assessment, it's much less hazardous in daily life than, say, an electric kettle on which you can burn yourself easily if your mind is elsewhere.

Not a children's toy

The Quooker is government approved to be safe, but only for grown-ups that understand how to operate it correctly.


Raise your ambitions with a multifunctional water tap.

Your sink will be the busiest workstation in your kitchen, and the running water is a tool in most cooking and food preparation. But with a multi-functional water tap, your water can be much more than just running water.

Several kitchen techniques just got a lot easier with an instant boiling water supply:

  • Blanching vegetables - in a colander under boiling water 
  • Poaching - like an egg or salmon slices in boiling water
  • Bain Marie - for chocolate or patisseries
  • Steaming - starts up a lot faster with boiling water
  • Pasta cooking - again, much faster with boiling water
  • Ice water shocking - a popular technique in many Asian recipes

Save more than money

How long do you wait for the water to boil before you put the pasta in? For your morning tea or coffee, how much extra time does waiting for the kettle to boil add to your routine? And what about cup noodles - how much boiling water do you leave behind in the kettle? 

A Quooker tap can save you time, money and add a huge dose of convenience to your every day life. Speak to one of our kitchen experts today for more information on how to get one installed in your kitchen.