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Design your own wardrobe solution

A good and functional wardrobe is an important part of the decor of your home, whether it is in the bedroom, the children's rooms, the entrance hall or the utility room. Are you tired of clutter and clothes scattered around the house? Or do you just need to renew your old wardrobe? Get space and order in everyday life - right into the closet - with practical tailor-made Danish design wardrobe solutions.

The perfect storage solution is not just practical and functional. It is also elegant to look at and creates coherence across the space of the home - from the entrance hall, utility room and bathroom to the bedroom and children's room. 


Make your wardrobe an experience in itself. Choose from a variety of elegant sliding doors, drawers, built-in LED lights, trouser pull-outs and boxes for storing everything from underwear to bedding. With the right combination of decor and accessories, you can get a great overview of your things. Assemble the solution that suits exactly your needs and your home.

Wardrobes and sliding doors

— VARIO19 white wardrobe

VARIO19 white is a beautiful and simple open wardrobe, designed with a focus on the clean lines and easy access to what you use the most.

— The luxury black wood sliding doors

When you choose black, it gives your wardrobe character. Get all the space that you dream of, in a tailor-made solution that's completely simple and at the same time complements the entire space.

— Smart Milk storage with sliding doors

With a built-in wardrobe, you get the storage you need without it filling the space and disturbing the rest of the interior. If there is not much space, the high sliding doors can be a decorative feature in and of themselves.

Inspiring wardrobe designs

SMART white

12 345,-

SMART mirror

12 345,-

Fantasy and flexibility

You can get a bold wardrobe solution for any room. Transform the children's room into a cool bunk environment, and give your child extra space for creativity and play. Build closets around the bed, or integrate them into the hallway. We offer several choices of flexible, stylish and simple closet solutions that make it easy to put together the perfect wardrobe, made to measure for your space - without breaking the bank.

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Wardrobes with sliding doors

Sliding doors are a nice and functional solution when you want to make the best possible use of space. Get sliding doors to made to measure at Kvik, and you will find that we can create a fantastic storage solution for both ordinary and more difficult rooms.

Sliding doors let you use the space from floor to ceiling - and give you the freedom to decorate with exactly the accessories you want.

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Tailor-made wardrobes

When it comes to the right wardrobe, you have to think creatively! Our wardrobes are made to measure for precisely your room.

Take advantage of the opportunities your spaces offer you to create unique, personalised solutions. Both cabinets with sliding doors and doors on hinges in any of our designs can be built in, so you get a bold solution that is naturally integrated into your home.

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