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Your own walk-in closet - so much more than a closet



You are one of many who fall in love with the idea of a walk-in closet. Although, most people think they are extravagant and too advanced for them to design or plan themselves. After perusing our guides, you'll see just how simple it is – or visit one of our showrooms if an in-person presentation works better for you. Here are five good reasons why you owe it to yourself to consider a walk-in closet.

Walk In Closets are soo adaptable. Because we can tailor make them to a corner, an existing niche an end wall, or you can design them as room dividers themselves, they are great solutions in many room layouts – even the odd ones.

Walk In Closets treat all your clothes for what they really are: outfits! – shirts and dresses look different  in combination with shoes, coats and hats, handbags. Some make room for a makeup table to take the outfit seriously – but it is up to you. We have intelligent KVIK solutions for exactly your Walk In needs.

Walk In closets optimizes space: No hinged doors, and basically your dressing items left to right, floor to ceiling. Combining clothing types often frees room in other rooms. A walk in style closet can actually create space in the room - and in your creative mind so you can assemble new outfit combinations.

Walk In Closets can be hidden by Sliding Door or just open - it is up to you. You can see our selection here or you can book a meeting for a free presentation.  

Walk In Closets are a joy and we really suggest you make room for a comfortable chair and a mirror to simply enjoy yourself and contemplate your outfit in progress. 

You may wonder

What does a walk-in closet cost?

We keep our prices low so that more people can afford Danish-designed wardrobes, kitchens and baths of high quality. Even with a tight budget, you can get a fantastic wardrobe solution. We give you a surprising amount for your money - even if you want to realise your dream of a walk-in!

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Size is not a problem

Walk-in closet in just few square meters

Even if you do not have enough space for real walk-in, you can easily create a really nice luxury wardrobe that gives you a practical overview of all your clothes and accessories - even if you only have a few square meters to work with. With the right storage solutions, you can actually have your own unique wardrobe that both resembles and feels like a walk-in closet in the bedroom without having to cost a fortune.

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An alternative

Let bedroom and wardrobe merge

For many, the bedroom is not just a bedroom. The room should function both as a wardrobe and as a personal sanctuary, where there is a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It requires a good balance, and here the decor is crucial!



Consider what options the room offers you, as it means a lot to whether you can design a mini-walk-in closet. If you have a free corner in the bedroom, it is obvious to integrate this in your wardrobe solution. With a wardrobe in the corner and the right placement of free-standing hanger rods and perhaps a small chest of drawers, you can actually create the experience of a room within the room. A corner wardrobe gives you - almost - the feeling of standing inside a wardrobe, and you can easily get the full overview of shoes, clothes and accessories. You may also use a wardrobe as a room divider, thereby separating the walk-in from the bedroom.



Design and styling play a significant role

If you can't include two walls in your mini-walk-in, less can do it too - the most important thing is to create the right feeling! Here, design and styling also play a significant role. Combine a sliding door cabinet with an open cabinet, hanger bar, mirror and other accessories that can easily be included as a natural part of the room's decor.

There are no fixed rules

Decorate the wardrobe in your personal style

Your wardrobe is about more than practical storage - it is of great importance for the interior design of the room as a whole. Therefore, it is important that you consider how your mini walk-in closet plays with the other furniture and materials in the room - do you have wooden floors or carpets, large and uniform white surfaces or more natural and raw structures? Take that as your starting point when deciding on an expression for the bedroom. That way, it ties all together as one whole.

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