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Utility room - designing the hidden gem of your home

If your home has a utility room – wow, you hit the jackpot! If not, you might just have a different name for it – the back entrance, laundry room, mud room, a corner of the garage or even a porch. This type of room can have so many functions, and can sometimes look very tired – most people seldom think about decorating it. But, with a little inspiration and Danish design, you can turn your utility room into a gem. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

For any utility room, inspiration starts with practical needs

Normally, we suggest starting with your dream - but in the case of a utility room, it makes the most sense to start with your needs. 

Utility room - the alchemist of your house

No matter the name of the room, chances are it's main task is magically supporting another room in your home. Principally,  mess-inducing tasks that other rooms are not ‘prepared’ to handle. It is also very normal that it's masquerading as several rooms at the same time – a secondary hallway, a pantry, a mud room, a workshop and a laundry room. All in one magical room.

Focus - and 'go large' in your utility room

So, a good idea is actually to select the key functions of your present utility room, go 'all in' on those functions – and go 'harder' on their equipment:

  • A cleaning sink should be deeper and bigger than the one in your kitchen
  • There should be more space for hanging coats - raincoats and outdoor working clothes are bulkier
  • The utility room worktop should be robust rather than delicate, to make a durable table you aren't precious about
  • Plenty of storage space for all the things that will no doubt end up there


Kvik XL and XXL - Danish design for utility rooms

Considering the multitude of ways your utility room will be used be it a second kitchen, workshop or mess room we would recommend leveling up. Your future self will thank you for choosing cabinets from our XL and XXL range. More room and more storage to get your utility room under control. 

Raise the bar for your laundry - your back will thank you.

First of all, get your washing machine and dryer up where they belong – on your level. Place them on top of a low cabinet (in your favourite design) to achieve the perfect height – or ask for advice in your local Kvik store.

In a tailormade sliding door wardrobe, you could store both your regular wardrobe items and utilities – plus your drying rack and ironing board and still have space to stack those winter blankets all the way to the ceiling.

From the vegetable patch or fresh from the market - do your clean up in style

If your utility room is used as a secondary spot to prep for big dinners, listen up. Modern, well-equipped countertop space is only half the job. You need a great prepping station to ensure you won't be turning the utility room into a messy nightmare. We suggest a good deep sink and a powerful kitchen tap that works with you, your food preparation and, of course, your dinner plans.

Your 'odd storage' loves tailor-made sliding doors

Utility rooms are a magnet for storing all those necessities that you don't use that often but still need – and an extra wardrobe with sliding doors is extremely versatile. Let us tailor-make one for all your bobs and bits – and keep those skis and paddleball rackets neatly tucked away until you need them. 

Integrate your bulky installations with tailor-made elegance

Boilers, furnaces, piping – that fuse board that's always oddly shaped (and very ugly) tend to spoil the look of a utility room. But with Danish design, there is a way around that – and at a surprisingly low price too. Ask one of our showroom consultants to talk you through your options. Like a full wall cabinet wardrobe or a sliding door closet. Maximise your storage volume all the way to the ceiling, whilst hiding all the ugly bits!

This image: Thanks to @SkoleniRaasted via Instagram

If your utility room is used as entrance...

...it's probably a window into your everyday life – the kids and their friends come traipsing in, dropping school bags everywhere. The dog runs in with muddy paws after the rain. It's a superhighway of activity and stuff. Wet coats, winter clothes – and dirty boots needing a home. Plus, a bench for sitting to put them on? That needs to fit too! Kvik high cabinets are life savers from Monday to Sunday, with plenty of shoe shelves and room for sweaters, gloves and everything else on the top shelves.

This image: Thank you, @Home_by_Soendergaard via Instagram