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For many, a kitchen island is the very epitome of the Sociable Kitchen® - and the essence of a dream kitchen. If space allows, with an island, you can create an open kitchen that invites to social gatherings and shared experiences. And make the kitchen the focal point of more than just cooking and meals. But how do you find the right kitchen island for you and your home? We guide you through the various considerations and options, so you get the kitchen island that's right for you.

Gather family and friends around the kitchen island, and create extra space for cooking and storage.

You don't want to get in one another's way, you've got to have enough space to open drawers and doors. That's why we recommend at least 90 cm all the way around the kitchen island. And if you have the space, you can go up to 110 cm.

If you arrange a kitchen island or cooking island in too little space, you risk that it disrupts a good workflow and impedes the freedom of movement in the kitchen. In addition, if the island is too big, it can make the kitchen seem smaller.

What will you use your kitchen island for?

Practical and functional, beautiful and elegant - or maybe both? Will it contain the sink? The stovetop? The dishwasher? Do you need seating so people can gather around?

It's important to decide what functions your new kitchen island should have - in addition to providing more workspace and storage. If it is primarily to be used as a gathering place for family and friends, there is not necessarily a need to have a sink or hob installed. If, on the other hand, if you want the kitchen island to be an extension of the kitchen itself, it is a good idea to move sink or stovetop or both over to the island.

Don't forget ventilation

Ventilation is indispensable to remove smoke and steam from your kitchen. So be sure to think about what model is best when planning your kitchen island. Today, there are many stovetops that have the ventilation built right in. Your kitchen expert will help you with all the options and help you figure out what's best for your vision.

Where to place the sink?

Your kitchen island is an obvious place to place the stovetop or sink, or both if you have the space for it. It gives you plenty of space for working and also gives you a view on the rest of the room. That means cooking and socialising can be combined.

Just be aware that there are usually some costs associated with moving water and electrical installations. If your existing kitchen does not have a kitchen island with water and/or electricity, you'll need professionals to help you move them. So don't forget to build that into your budget. And if you budget can't stretch that far, use your island purely for the social side of things. 

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Space around the stovetop - here we recommend a minimum of 40 cm on both sides of the stovetop. You need space to set your stirring spoons and maybe for your olive oil and salt and pepper, so give yourself plenty of space. 

If you choose to have the sink integrated into your kitchen island, you should have the dishwasher close by. That way, you can rinse and load directly in the dishwasher in one continuous motion. Be sure to leave plenty of counter space around the sink so you have space to work. 


It's sociable after all

While you peel potatoes, the kids perch on a stool and do their homework, sharing the day's experiences. Or maybe you just pop the steaks into the pan while your guests sit with a glass of wine and tell stories from their latest holiday - while you plan your next one. Or maybe you need a space where you eat a quick lunch during a busy day working at home.

If any of that sounds appealing, then a kitchen island with seating is the right solution. Here you can choose a slightly raised bar counter, or a worktop that extends beyond the edges.

You might also consider whether you want to be able to hang out and eat a quick meal and how much seating you actually need.

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