How to succeed in designing your new entryway

Entryway, hall, corridor, entrance. This room has many names - and some times so many purposes, that the dilemmas get in the way of your best ideas. If you are in the middle of designing an improved entryway, we are behind you all the way, so let us lead you through this maze of well known dilemmas, that all have a well designed solution that we like to call Danish design!

First impressions always last - but longer in Danish design

If windows are the eyes of a house, then the entryway is the handshake. It's where you welcome your guests, friends and relatives, and they get a first impression of you and of your home. To many people, this gives the look and design of the entryway priority over other choices.

So let us show you the design effect of using the same design series of cabinets in your entryway, that your guests will later see in your kitchen and elsewhere in your home.


Furniture for the narrow entryway? Here are 3 ideas

The X-module

A storage solution above the rest.


Ideal for even higher wall mounting

Smart sliding

Tuck all your coats and shoes away neatly.

Known entryway dilemmas - and their design solutions

All houses have a room where the outer door is located - and that room is often caught in the middle: It can be drafty, it may be designed too small to properly optimise the living space, it's where you need to take off your dirty shoes or wet coats, it is sometimes used for seasonal storage, and is not really part of warm centre of your home. It is 'only' the entryway and everyone just wants to hurry out of it. But it serves needs that are unavoidable. It's where you greet your guests, and it displays your personal style.





How much furniture does your entryway need?

We don't have a standard answer - but we do suggest you consider the answer: "None" - and choose to turn the hallway itself into storage furniture built into the wall. It could be a sliding door wardrobe, og in this case Bordo with ample high storage - and a bench where you can sit down to tie your shoes on the way out. 

Entryway storage - big enough to take it all off your shoulders

So in an average entryway, a key consideration is plenty of storage room that's intelligently equipped for shoes and overcoats - and looks stunning too. We suggest you consider high cabinets to optimise the space.  All our wardrobe designs series come in several dimensions - and we even have some in XXL that add extra storage volume. See our wardrobe designs here.

Say hello to the coming and going - in a family style