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Great guide to your small kitchen

Are you looking for great inspiration for a small problem? The tiny kitchen, the mini kitchen, the narrow kitchen – they are all great kitchens if you plan them right. Check out our inspiring guide packed full of advice no matter how small your kitchen is.

A small kitchen in a great room

Naturally, you have your own reasons for choosing a small kitchen - and it might not just be a question of limited space. An atelier-type studio apartment can look impressive with a small kitchen that accentuates the room. Small can be an inspiring style choice, we are super inspired by @smallkitchendesign - so we had to pass it on for your #smallkitchen projects. 

How to master the small kitchen

Small can be cute –  but in most cases, it's not the dream scenario. Maybe you see it as a limitation on your dreams, functionalities and free space but, Danish design is up for the challenge of making it your dream space. Danish design is packed with intelligent solutions and functions. These are intelligently integrated into clear and strong designs that help you master the busy every day in your kitchen - be it large or small.



How to optimise your narrow kitchen

In many cases, a galley kitchen is a great model for optimising space. The resident chef has everything readily available – in front or right behind. However, there is little room for a second chef - we suggest you look at our guide on the kitchen's 5 work zones - to figure out the best solution for you. 

Lighting in a narrow kitchen

Another important element is lighting, a narrow kitchen can easily look too dark. Prioritise natural light if you can, and try to flood it with plenty of warm light - see our selection of kitchen lighting here.

Choose an "oasis"

It gives an air of calm and being on top of things if there is a little corner that is not just for kitchen chores. This could be a cosy nook to enjoy a coffee or a dedicated spot to peruse cookbooks. 

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Small kitchens have a crush on Danish design

Though you might have a more bohemian style in mind, Danish design really is a great match for the small kitchen. For example, our XXL cabinets offer 40% more volume for storage at the same size as a regular cabinet. Should you decide to handpick smaller versions of various appliances, we can integrate them into the cabinets to give the kitchen a full tailormade appearance. Or, if you need higher-up storage for glassware or lesser-used condiments, you will really appreciate our closed higher cabinets - you can get them in our designs or in a modern rippled glass.


Small kitchens are intimate

Alhough you can't change the dimensions, you can embrace the smaller size, making your kitchen appear less restrained and cramped - with details that accentuate the intimacy or underline their character. 

Use colour with care

White "expands" the room, but only to a certain extent. Touches of colour can give a pleasant, modern and spacious 3D shadow effect.

Colour contrasts are more likely to become overwhelming in small rooms, so try to limit them to one or two.