Booking a meeting? Which one is right for me?

Inspiration meetings, home meetings, project meetings, online meetings - we admit, we have a lot of different meetings, and if you have trouble choosing which one is right for you, we've made this quick overview. If you wonder if they are absolutely necessary — you can rest assured they are. They're the best way to get free, professional advice for your project and the undivided attention of your kitchen expert.

Why do we call them meetings?

You're absolutely right, our meetings are actually completely informal, since there is no dress code or even a meeting room -  we could just as well have called them "kitchen table talks." Plus, they're absolutely free!

We call them meetings because it is so important to meet and make sure we're fully aligned. A new kitchen, bath or wardrobe is a big decision and you need to have rapport with your consultant. After all, you'll be working with them from start to finish on your project. Our kitchens don't come in a brown box with a plug and play product inside. They're tailor-made solutions that take into account all the particularities of the most central room in your home - and it's always worth getting all the pieces on the table before we start the puzzle.

Make a Booking  - it makes all the difference

When you book a meeting you're certain our consultant has time for you. You'll get your consultant's full attention so you can focus on your situation, dreams and budget - and that can make all the difference for your project. And you'll be off to a great start with the one person that's going to be there for you throughout your project. Plus, it's absolutely free, so there's really no reason not to book one!

Where should we meet?

At our store

Come to our store, where you can experience all our designs, touch the materials and really get a feel of what's right for you. We make the coffee.


At your place

Our talented kitchen expert comes to your home with a suitcase full of samples and you can talk about your project right there where it's going to happen. You're responsible for the coffee.

Online meeting

We meet on Zoom to discuss your project. This means we both make the coffee.

What should we meet about?

Kitchen - Inspiration & ideas

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Kitchen - Design your project

Come to our store, where you can experience all our designs, touch the materials and really get a feel of what's right for you. We make the coffee.

Bath or Tailormade wardrobe

Come to our store, where you can experience all our designs, touch the materials and really get a feel of what's right for you. We make the coffee.

6 quick answers about our meetings

Some of our best meetings were never held, because the customers don't want to inconvenience us at an early point in their project - but that's often when our free advice could be of the most value and make a real difference.

Here are some of the questions that people often ask.

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"...but in OUR kitchen - the drain pipes are placed in the corner..."

So many of our visitors in the store are " just browsing" - or they have a "small" question that is general, like "does Mano come with a corner cabinet?" The general answer to that question is "yes" - but in our experience, all questions always come from the customer's specific situation.  

That's why we need a meeting

Whether you are planning a kitchen, bathroom or a wardrobe, the specific answer is more valuable to you, because it allows for the seamless adaption or tailor-making that makes the Danish design look fully integrated into the layout of your home.

Are you convinced? Book a meeting already now.

Inspiration meeting .. when should we book that?


Honestly: better sooner than later. Don't feel awkward about making appointment to ask questions that are general. The inspiration Meeting doesn't require anything of you - other than that you talk about where you are in your process, and have a chance to ask all your questions. You would be surprised how inspiring it can be to explain your dream and its obstacles to a pair of professional ears. 

The inspiration meeting is perhaps the most important first step towards the realisation of your project. That's because qualified answers to your questions can take you that much closer to your dream kitchen, bath or wardrobe.


Inspiration meeting

Project meeting - when should I book that?

A 3D model and an offer for you to consider cannot be made without a project meeting, so we suggest you only book this when you're really ready to get your project underway.  You should have an idea of when the room preparation is finished, all the plumbing and electrical work finalised and what timeline are you are hoping for. Many of these questions you will probably have touched on at an earlier inspiration meeting, but if not, we can definitely discuss them during your project meeting.


The financial side is always a determining factor. We work with fixed price lists, accessible to you online, because we think you are better served with transparency. But we always start with your budget - and we are really good at getting as many of your dreams and wishes into the final offer, if you share your budget with us at an early stage. Plus, we have great financing options that just might help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

What should I bring?

We need the precise measurements of your room - and if you have building layout plans showing electrical wiring and plumbing, they also help.  

Design decisions

Choice of kitchen design is of course critical for drawing your kitchen, but we can discuss that during the meeting. The same goes for appliances and worktops - it is a brilliant idea to check our appliance selections on beforehand - if you haven't already done so at an inspiration meeting.

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