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What shape should your kitchen be?

White kitchen with a kitchen island and a solid wood worktop

MANO white

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Kitchens come in many layouts. The classic L-shape, the galley with cupboards and counters on parallel sides, or how about just along one wall? And there's always our favourite, the kitchen island. How you use your kitchen and the space you have are the defining factors. Here, we'll take you through all the possibilities.

Start by looking at your current kitchen and note what works well and what needs to be optimised. Which elements should be replaced? Which do you use a lot and which do you not use at all?

Our kitchens consist of a number of modules that you can freely adapt to the space and your wishes and needs. The possibilities for designing a personal kitchen that fits both your space and your everyday life are endless, and it is in principle only your imagination that sets the limits.


The L-shaped kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is a classic kitchen that became fashionable in homes in the 1920s. Here we are, 100 years later and it's still an intuitive design that works in many homes.

With this kitchen, you get all the essential work zones within reach, which makes it an efficient workplace and perfect for your home.

Guide to the L-shaped kitchen

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The galley kitchen

The galley kitchen is a very efficient use of space for a smaller kitchen. It consists of two rows of cupboards which face one another with a walkway, or galley, in between. It is a cousin of the U-shaped kitchen, where it's connected at one end with more cupboards. 

Even a galley kitchen can be sociable, if you have enough space to extend one side of it to include a little breakfast nook. 

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Along one wall

If you have a small space, it can be best to have your entire kitchen along one wall. This is perfect in a smaller house or apartment where you need to make the most efficient use of your space as possible. Danish design is perfect in such a space, because everything is so well-thought through and has its function. And the modern, clean lines make it aesthetically pleasing as well. 

VEDA green

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The Sociable Kitchen®

Back in 1999, we introduced the Sociable Kitchen®. The philosophy behind it is simple: It's a place where the kitchen is in the centre of your life and your home. It's in the kitchen that we gather to cook, to laugh, to play games and to have those deep conversations. It's here that we've gone to work and to school over the past couple of years. It's here that those everyday chores become a time to catch your breath over a cup of coffee. It's here we can spend time with friends and family and decompress from our day. It's here that the everyday magic takes place. It's the room where everyone wants to spend time. 

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White kitchen with a kitchen island and a solid wood worktop

MANO white

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