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How much renovation does your kitchen need?

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When it's time to redo your kitchen, it's important to think about how much really needs to be redone. Do you need to take it out completely and start over, or can you do with a new coat of paint on the walls and new handles on the drawers and doors? This guide will help you figure out how much you really need to do.

How much you need to do to renovate your old kitchen is largely determined by the current condition of the kitchen. If your tabletops are discoloured and worn and that one drawer always falls off when you try to open it, you might need to tear it all out and start again. 

But you might be able to give the walls some new paint, replace the tap with one that gives you boiling water for your tea, and put on some new handles to freshen up the look. 

While we are in the business of providing beautiful new Danish design kitchens, we are also focused on sustainability and we think the most sustainable kitchen is the one you already have. If it happens to be one from Kvik, you may be able to switch out the doors and drawers to a new design without replacing everything. 

Read on and we'll take through all the considerations when you're renovating.


Brand new kitchen or not?

What does a kitchen renovation project cost?

Decide for yourself how good your current kitchen really is. Which parts of the kitchen need to be renewed and which can wait? When you renovate the kitchen, you can choose to replace everything except cabinets and plinth. The more you want to switch out, the more expensive it becomes. New cabinet doors, sink and tap - maybe a new stone worktop? It quickly adds up and approaches the price of what a new kitchen costs. Think through the whole project thoroughly before you start. You may actually find that the best solution - and investment - is to buy a brand new kitchen.

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Need a new worktop?

In older kitchens, the worktops were often lower than today. But with an insert over doors and drawers, you can easily raise the worktop to a height that suits you better.

There are many worktops to choose from, and it can be difficult to assess which one suits your kitchen - and not least your needs. Before you start the kitchen renovation, you can get help to find the right worktop with our handy guide.

Guide to choosing the perfect worktop
As part of your kitchen renovation

New tiles?

Renew the look of your kitchen by putting up new tiles. You can cover an entire wall, or just as a backsplash behind the sink and stove. Tiles are not only practical, they also help to give the kitchen a personal touch and can really refresh the look of a kitchen. With all the beautiful colours, shapes and materials available, it is only your imagination (and your wallet) that set the limits for that part of the kitchen renovation.

For your light kitchen renovation

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— New handles

Replacing the handles and knobs on kitchen doors and drawers is an easy way to give your old kitchen a new look.

— New lighting

Add some lighting in unexpected places - like inside dark drawers to make your old kitchen function better.

White kitchen with a solid wood worktop and built-in appliances

Replace appliances

In addition to the countertop, appliances are one of the major items in a kitchen renovation. However, new appliances can be what completes your "new" kitchen. In addition to the latest technology and cooler features, new appliances are usually in a lower energy class than the old ones and will eventually pay for themselves.

For your medium-sized kitchen renovation

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— Kitchen taps

Should the renovation of your kitchen include changing the worktop and sink, it may be a good idea to also change the kitchen faucet. It is the kitchen's most used equipment and is usually either worn or outdated. A new one can help you transform the look.

— New kitchen sink

Because the sink is in the worktop, it is obvious to change if you're changing the worktop. Maybe you dream of a larger sink or one in a fun colour? And of course you can also change the sink, even if you keep your old worktop..

For your large kitchen renovation

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— Replacing the worktop

The worktop is one of the most important elements in your kitchen and it gets the most wear, so it is probably one of the most likely candidates for renovation. But it can be expensive, depending on which material you choose. Consider how it wears, as well as material and colour, and consider what will work best in your everyday life.

— Fronts

If you had a Kvik kitchen already, you can probably trade out the fronts and drawers for another, newer one of our designs and get a whole new look that way.