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Guide to measuring for your wardrobe

All our wardrobes are tailor-made for your specific measurements, so getting them just right is key! If this is the first time you are pulling out your tape measure, be sure to follow these guidelines.

How do I measure?


The height is measured in three places - on the left side, in the middle and on the right side. It is the lowest dimension that determines the height of the doors.


Measure the width at both floor and ceiling. It gives a picture of whether the walls are skewed. It is the smallest dimension that determines the width of the doors.


The standard depth is 68 cm. This gives you room for cabinets, hanging rails and sliding doors.

Wardrobes and sliding doors

— SMART black

Why tuck away your closet in some small room? Bring it front and center as a striking design feature in your master bedroom.

Service that suits you

— Do it yourself

The more you want and can do yourself, the cheaper your price will be at Kvik. If you are a do-it-yourself person, you can pick up all cabinets, doors and accessories in flat packages that you assemble and install yourself. Kvik's instructions are of course included, so the work will be easier.

— Do it the easy way

If you prefer to do just about anything else and just enjoy the dream when it's done, your local Kvik store can help. We can plan the entire process from delivery to installation. You just have to enjoy.