How much does a new kitchen cost?

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There are so many considerations to make when costing up a new kitchen. And honestly, it's very hard to give an estimate. The great news is, this article will be a useful stepping stone towards finally getting a solid estimate of your new kitchen.

The heart of the home, where every party begins and ends, each comforting meal is cooked, where arguments, celebrations and life happen. The kitchen is a huge part of your daily life - and a long-term investment.

We understand that planning your new kitchen can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a kitchen fitting pro or a first-time buyer - you’ll have plenty of questions. We want to take your dream as our starting point - and help you realise it.

Together, we can focus on finding a solution that matches both your budget and needs, to keep you happy for years to come. We’ve covered everything you need to consider when pricing your new kitchen, to make those dreams a reality.

What is the average cost of a new kitchen?

Frustrating as it might be to hear ‘it depends’ it is unfortunately true! There are so many components to consider, and a huge variety of price ranges, making it hard to give a definitive answer. It’s completely up to you, your tastes and your budget. So, to give you an idea of the price of your new kitchen we’ll show you each step you should consider and hopefully, by the end, you’ll have more of an understanding of the price of your dream kitchen.

Six main considerations

There are six main considerations that, we feel, should be taken into consideration when trying to come to grips with what the price of your new Kvik kitchen will be. Size, design, appliances, sinks & taps, worktops and installation. We’ll go through them, step by step, in this in-depth kitchen guide and hopefully give you some clearer costs by the end.

1. Size

It may seem obvious, but the size you’d like your new kitchen to be will be the first factor to take into account. Measuring the whole space you’ll be using will give you an idea of the number of cabinets you need, how much workspace you’d like and how many appliances you can fit in. It will most likely be one of the biggest expenses, so try and envision exactly how you’d like to utilise your space.

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2. Design

How you plan to use your kitchen will ultimately impact the design.

Are you the kind of person who hides every single appliance in cupboards so the kitchen looks pristine at all times? Or, do you prefer your mixer, juicer, toaster and kettle within easy reach whenever you might need them? Are you a cooking minimalist, always sticking to one corner of the kitchen - or more of a mayhem cook - needing the maximum amount of surface space possible? 

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3. Appliances

Are you a tech nerd - always wanting the latest gadget? Do you have specific brands that you return to again and again, or perhaps the main consideration is the price? Is it all about design and aesthetics? Or maybe, you’re only interested in low energy use?

As important as the design of your kitchen, is what goes inside it. Appliances are a convenient and crucial part of daily life, especially in a kitchen. You can rest assured we only work with the best brands and across a range of prices, so there’s something to suit everyone.

There are five main considerations to make with appliances:

  • Do they meet my needs? Think about what you’ll be using each of them for, how regularly and for how many people. 
  • Are they energy-friendly? Not only important for you but the planet too!
  • Do they fit in with the rest of your kitchen design? Thinking about colours and styles to compliment your new kitchen is important here. 
  • How’s the quality? Luckily, we only work with the best brands around, but it’s important to think of appliances as a long-term investment, you want one that will last. 
  • Does the pricing match my budget? Carefully consider every cost for your kitchen, appliances too.


White kitchen with a solid wood worktop and built-in appliances

Become an expert on your own needs

How you plan to use your kitchen will ultimately impact the design. Take time to consider exactly what you’re hoping to get from your kitchen, and how it will be used.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself when considering your kitchen design, both aesthetically and functionally.

  • How many people will be using the kitchen?
  • What is the kitchen for? Is it simply another room or the heart of the home?
  • Will you do a lot of hosting?
  • How many appliances would you like to fit in it?
  • How much storage will you require?
  • Will you have a dining space in the kitchen? Say a bar or a table?
  • What colours would you like to consider?
  • What kind of style do you like? Modern, minimalist, classic.
  • Which materials would you like to include?

Once you’ve thought these questions through, you can begin the fun part - browsing our different ranges and seeing which design most appeals to you. Do you prefer minimalistic and bold like Veda? Perhaps a classic design like Pavia is more your style. Or Mano, full of little details.

We have a varied range of kitchens both in price and design so bear in mind the style of kitchen you choose will impact the final price. Don’t forget too, you can mix and match across designs to make a kitchen totally unique to your space.

Need professional opinions or inspirational ideas?

— -- talk to our kitchen experts

If you're still unsure, or just fancy a chat, you can always go in-store and speak to our kitchen pros who will be happy to talk you through each design if you’re feeling indecisive.

— -- or find more inspirational ideas.

Want some inspiration? Have a look online, in magazines or trawl Pinterest - or better yet, check out our Instagram page to see how previous customers have made a Kvik kitchen their own.

4. Sinks & taps

When it comes to finishing touches sinks and taps are some of the most vital parts of your kitchen. Used constantly throughout your day, they do require some thought.

When considering sinks, think about what works best for you on an everyday basis. If you’re not thinking of getting a dishwasher then perhaps an integrated drainer would work better. Are you prepping food for a large family or dinner parties on a regular basis? A double sink would give you more breathing room. Do you prefer a deep sink for hiding a few dishes every now and then? Or are you more interested in the colour?

Taps are just as much of a statement, not just on a practical level - they’re a stand out feature of your kitchen, seen from every angle. All of ours are, of course, beautifully designed whilst having different degrees of practicality. A pull-out hose can make washing the dishes easier and more fun! Taps can be high tech too. Filtered water, with bubbles and even boiling hot taps are an option to elevate your kitchen and make life a little easier.

We have an extensive range of beautiful sinks and taps in different sizes, colours and combinations, so we know you’ll find the perfect styles to suit your needs.

White kitchen with dot handles and a golden faucet

5. Worktop

The focal point of any kitchen is its worktop. Sitting upon it, endless conversations and glasses of wine around it, elaborate dinner preparation, hastily wiping away the crumbs from your rushed morning buns, a lot of living. It needs to be sturdy, well-made and chosen with care so it can last you a lifetime.

Luckily we have a range of materials, prices and colour options so you can easily find the one that best suits you. From laminate to granite to wood, we’ll have the perfect solution for your kitchen needs.

Price will guide you, but so should practicality - we have a variety of anti-bacterial and scratch-resistant tops that will fit in with family life.

Explore our worktop collections

Explore our selection of worktops.

— Bring the outside in.

Solid, stunning and sturdy - oak always makes an impact.

— Stunning and scratch-resistant.

Cool and robust, ceramic worktops never go out of style.

— What is this?

Perhaps the best worktop

6. Installation

When having your new Kvik kitchen installed you have a number of options depending on your budget, skill set and time.

  • DIY - for the do-it-yourself lovers out there. You would be responsible for dismantling your current kitchen and installing your new one. Simply buy what you need from us and get going!
  • Install - for those of us who like to get our hands dirty. Get rid of your current kitchen yourself and leave a blank canvas for our engineers to fit your dream kitchen.
  • Full-service - for those with no affinity for home improvements. The full service means we’ll take the hassle out of the whole installation process.

The finishing touches -- accessories.

When the hard work has been done, and you have an idea of what your kitchen will look like - first of all, well done! Now, you can move onto the little details that make your kitchen completely unique. From clever storage solutions and waste systems to shelves, lighting and how to maximise space in your cabinets - we have the perfect pieces to create the kitchen of your dreams. Always focused on excellent design each piece can be mix and matched, and of course comes in different styles to match your kitchen of choice.

So, how can we help?

We hope that you now have a clearer understanding of all the parts you should be considering when costing up your new kitchen.

We know this is a lot of information, but broken down into six manageable steps it can help you get a clearer overview and starting point.

Don’t forget, our kitchen team is always in-store to answer any burning questions you may have. Book your appointment here today.