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Do you think a new wardrobe is an expensive affair?

How much does a new wardrobe cost?

We believe that Danish design must be for everyone - and that everyone has the right to a cool wardrobe! We do everything we can to keep our prices low, from delivering our products in flat packages to offering different levels of service that match different budgets. Get an idea of what has the biggest impact on the price of your wardrobe solution - and how to keep your budget - on this page.

Have already set a budget for your new wardrobe? It is of course important to keep in mind when you start researching your options. However, it is usually difficult to have a clear idea of the budget before you know exactly what you need and what type of wardrobe solution you prefer. The price depends to a large extent on your needs and priorities.

Think about questions like

  • Where should the wardrobe be placed, and how much space can and will you spend on it?
  • Who should use the wardrobe - children, adults?
  • How much storage space do you need (shoes, clothes, outerwear, trinkets and toys)?
  • Style and design - should the wardrobe match other furniture in the room?

Maybe there are some things you just do not want to compromise on - and other things that you may not have such strong views on? Once you have clarified the basic considerations, you are already much better equipped to look at your budget!

A cool wardrobe with sliding doors and lots of smart decor need far from blow the budget. With the right combination of doors, cabinet frame and decor, you can get an elegant, space-saving sliding door wardrobe that fits both your needs and your wallet.

Get a sliding door wardrobe at a great price

A sliding door can create the style of the room that you want - and then sliding doors have the obvious advantage that they hide all the clutter away. Kvik offers both doors and decor in different price ranges - all in beautiful Danish design and with a high quality finish.

If you have a tight budget, you can prioritize spending less money on the decor and still get a bold solution that creates peace and order in the room. Select e.g. shelves and trays rather than the more exclusive solutions such as drawers with glass sides - just as you can choose a regular clothes rail instead of the luxury model with light.


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Do it yourself, and keep down the prices

Do you just have a little dexterity and the courage to try your hand at a little do-it-yourself work? You can easily assemble your new wardrobe yourself - and thus save the money it costs to get the help of a professional.

Or Do you want to avoid having to start with a drill and spirit level? Take advantage of our "Do it the Easy Way" service - you will get your new dream wardrobe without any hassle.

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Wardrobe and sliding doors

— VARIO19 white

A beautiful and simple open wardrobe, designed with a focus on the clean lines and easy access to what you use the most.

— SMART black

Smart sliding doors in black are for you who want an elegant and minimalist wardrobe solution.


Milk wardrobes are the perfect choice for you who are looking for classic and simple white cabinets with doors.