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The Inspiration Meeting - when should I book one?

Maybe you've never tried getting a new kitchen or doing a whole-home remodel, so you no doubt have a lot of questions. It can be hard to figure out where to begin. That's precisely what our inspiration meetings are for.

You want to explore the latest designs and clever solutions that are available and get a feel of how you want your home to look. Maybe you want to know about what type of worktops are the most scratch-resistent? Or maybe you're wrestling with the dream of a kitchen, bath or wardrobe and one minor issue keeps getting in the way?

These are all good reasons to talk to a pro - and you don't even have to know for sure that you want to work with us on your project. We're here for you in the early stages, to answer all your questions and help you find the best solution for your project.

Make time for a talk that is just that — a talk

We call it the inspiration meeting - but we don't have a secret programme that magically inspires you, other than our showroom. There's no technicolour presentation. It's usually just a talk - sometimes across the desk, but usually over a wander around our showroom, a cup of coffee in hand. 

The first step on your journey

Of course it makes sense to think of the inspiration meeting as your first meeting with us, because it is where we answer all your initial questions. We cover all your questions and hopefully you leave inspired and with an appointment for your second meeting with us - the one where we draw your new kitchen. 

So, an inspiration meeting is just that - to inspire you and open your eyes to all the possibilities for your new kitchen, bath or wardrobe. And it's a chance to ask all your questions and get expert advice before you get down to the concrete planning of your project.

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