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Let's have a talk about installing your new DIY kitchen

Your new DIY kitchen has arrived and it is natural to have a few questions before you start putting it up. It will be great as long as you get prepare and lay the groundwork. So, let's get started!

Prepare the room

Whether your DIY project is big or small, there are a few basic rules of thumb:

Check the floor

Is it level? The floor is the very important foundation of your kitchen. In most cases your cabinets will rest on the floor surface, so be sure it's nice and horizontal.

get to know your walls

Make sure you know what the walls are made of and where the electrical wiring is – in or on the wall. Since you are going to mount the kitchen onto it they must be stable, and by knowing its ins and outs you'll be as prepared as possible.

Have plumbers and electricians finished the connection points?

If not, now is a good time. Unless of course the existing connection points are all your project needs.

May we suggest a nice video to start with?

Mounting and installing a kitchen consists of several subtasks - our video gives you an initial overview of a whole project. Your specific project is probably configured just to your liking - so please find more specific videos in our Video Library.

Installation Videos