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Let us walk you through your new DIY wardrobe...

Congratulations - your new DIY wardrobe has arrived. Whether you have specific questions like installing sliding doors or want an overview of the installation process before you start, this is the page to be on. Since wardrobe projects are great solutions in so many different types of rooms, the starting points for assembly are also very different - so these are some of the essential, but general, steps.

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12 345,-

Wardrobes with hinged doors

If your wardrobe consists of a number of cabinets with doors, then assembly and mounting is much like that of kitchen cabinets. You might find useful video information in our Video Library


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Wardrobes with sliding doors..

Sliding doors are a great way to turn shelve systems like Vario 19 or Module 16 into wardrobes that are huge yet discrete. Installation guides are in our VIdeo Library under Wardrobes

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Open wardrobes

Turn a whole room or a corner of it into a Walk In closet with Module 16 or Vario 19 - and see how it's done in our Video library under Wardrobes

Before you start your DIY: 

Get to grips with the supporting wall

Make sure you know what material the wall is made of and the optimal type screw for that material.

What role does floor play?

Your wardrobe will be resting on the floor, which will need to be level to make a solid foundation. You need to consider the final floor surface: will it be carpet, tile or hardwood? How will it meet the wardrobe? Will the floor get a new finish after the wardrobe, or is it already standing on it?

And, similarly, the ceiling

If you install sliding doors, will they go right up to the ceiling? If so, do you have the correct measurements and possibly tools for that precision?