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Here's how to keep your kitchen clean

We've got loads of good advice for optimal cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen.

Cleaning the kitchen is one of those tasks that just has to be done. It's never much fun, but it's always wonderful to look around at clean, sparkling surfaces once you've done it. And you can make it more fun along the way by cranking up a bit of music and just getting on with it. Here are our best tips for keeping it clean, tidy and well-maintained, the choice of music is up to you. Though if you're stuck, we quite like this playlist compiled by The Kitchn. 

Choose your surfaces wisely

It's worth thinking about cleaning already at the point when you choose your kitchen. If you are the type that doesn't want to spend loads of time on cleaning, be sure to choose materials that resist fingerprints and stains and which require minimal maintenance.

Laminate and composite make cleaning easier. That's because greasy prints and stains can be easily removed with a plain wet cloth. At the same time, scratches or stains are less visible on a worktop with a bit of structure to its surface.

Extend the life of your kitchen

Protect the surfaces of your kitchen by using cleaning agents that are not too harsh.

Use mild, acid-based products against lime in the area around the kitchen sink. Use gentle soap products against fat and proteins when cleaning kitchen doors, worktops and handles.

Use a soft cotton or microfibre cloth to keep surfaces clean and avoid scratches.

Green fronts with integrated handles and a wooden worktop

Make cleaning easy

We've developed a series of cleaning products that make maintenance and care of your kitchen a breeze. The series contains oil and polishing agents and cleaners for different surfaces. The products clean and protect your kitchen so you retain the beautiful look and functionality of the materials. You can find the products at a Kvik store near you. 

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