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Storage Solutions for a Child's Bedroom

Stowing away clothes and toys in your child's room is easy with our storage solutions. And the solution grows with your child. Here are our best tips & tricks for keeping your child's room tidy.

Intelligent storage — clever solutions for a child's room 

To your child, their room is so much more than just a bedroom, it's a living room, a playground, a study and a dressing room - all at the same time. So it's no wonder designing a child's room feels like so much of a challenge. That's why we've put together this storage guide - full of tips and inspiration - to help you free up some space and make the most of your little one's room.


#1 Think vertical — liberate the floor

A child's room is often small - and for young children, narrow spaces clutter easily with toys and for teenagers, a cramped room can be frustrating and inhibiting. So when there is no chance of adding those extra square metres, "liberating the floor" is key. Do so by making use of the full height of the walls for storage. This is why tall wardrobe cabinets or built-in sliding door wardrobes are excellent options. Learn more by speaking with a design expert at one of our stores.


Flexible storage solutions for growing children

Children thrive on play and sensory stimulation but they also grow at a rapid pace. Furniture that reflects their current interests quickly becomes outdated and worn out. Our design experts can help you create storage solutions that match your child's current needs while providing great storage for future teenagers. 

#2 Use height — prioritise storage

Help your child stay organised by categorising belongings based on how often they are used. Store daily items at reachable heights, such as in low drawers or shelves, so they can easily take them out and put them away on their own. For seasonal or rarely-used items, store them higher up or out of reach to avoid clutter.


Storage solutions for every personality

For the more laidback, open shelving, labelled baskets and colourful toy bins encourage organisation. For those always on the go, sliding doors provide quick access to football boots and hockey sticks. And for those who like things just so, modular shelving and rolling storage that can be tidied away will deliver peace of mind.

We're proud that our storage solutions match you, the individual. Reach out to the design experts at your local Kvik store for the latest creative solutions. 

#3 Invest in quality —you'll get long-term value

We know it's tempting to go for cheaper furniture in your child's room, especially when you expect it to go through the wars. But by choosing furniture that's built to last and capable of weathering all childhood storms, you're investing in the future of your home.

All of our wardrobe cabinets are made of robust and high-quality materials that are rigorously tested so your child will have a room they love that lasts.




Modular design for creative kids' storage

Keep your kids' rooms as fresh and unique as they are. By optimising wardrobe space through modular and angular storage design, you can free up the rest of the room for creative expression. Whether you want a fun and playful design or a more sophisticated look, we can help you create a room that your child will love.

Maximise space and style with Danish design

Visit any Kvik store and we'll show you spacious cabinets with intuitive modular design. These cabinets can hold all of your little one's clothes, toys, and gadgets, and can be reorganised as they grow and change. Team up with one of our experienced designers and get creative coming up with a space that's unique to your family. Why not get your child involved in the fun too? 




#4 Keep out of sight — out of mind

Sliding doors are a fantastic storage solution for children's rooms. They take up minimal floor space and provide easy access to all your child's belongings while keeping the room looking clear and organised. And on those days when tidying is the least of your worries, slide your tailor-made door closed and worry about it... tomorrow. 

Speak to one of our design experts about our sliding door collection for swift storage solutions now.