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More space with intelligent storage

Every room deserves a bit of attention and harmony - even the small out-of-the-way ones. When a room fits into the category "small but good," intelligent storage solutions can come in handy for giving you a surprising amount of space for everything from shoes to accessories and everyday messes that need to be tucked away.

It does not have to be a big project to get a small wardrobe! Whether you are challenged on a small entrance, or what the real estate agent called "a charming and cozy bedroom", you can find help among our tips for smart solutions that take advantage of the sparse space - without breaking your budget.

A warm welcome in your home

A small entrance hall filled with outerwear, shoes and boots quickly gives a messy look.

Regardless of size, however, you can usually well arrange the space so that it is easy to get in and out of the door. Smart shoe shelves control the footwear, and especially a narrow entrance benefits from sliding doors, which hide outerwear out of the way, make full use of the height of the room - and do not take up space when you open them.

And then you can top off with a hat shelf and simple, beautiful hangers, which create air and light in the room.

Room for your dreams in the bedroom

In a small bedroom, a solution with built-in closets is obvious, but you may also find space in a corner for a practical wardrobe, either with hinged doors or sliding doors. In addition, the bed invites for extremely efficient storage. Smart drawers on wheels let you roll in towels, bedding, trinkets and Christmas decorations under the bed and make room for big dreams in even a small bedroom.

The little solution that makes a big difference

Choose drawers rather then shelves

With practical, spacious drawers, you take advantage of the depth and get a better overview than when clothes and trinkets are in layers on the shelves. Drawers are rarely the cheapest option, but when you are looking for the optimal storage, they give you full value on space utilization in the wardrobe. Put the dirty clothes in smart, pull-out laundry bags, and place your drawers at the bottom of the closet, where they are easy to get to.

Take advantage of the height from floor to ceiling

Get rid of the daily annoyance of clutter on top of your wardrobe or wardrobe. High sliding doors from floor to ceiling hide the clutter away. Possibly put a few extra shelves in over the closet, and vupti! You get a perfect place for sleeping bags, guest duvets and other things that only rarely need to be retrieved from the caches. And then you get the clean, harmonious look on top of the hat!

Find extra space

A narrow entrance or sloping walls often provide unused space. If you have low ceilings, you can create the illusion of the opposite by hanging shelves under the ceiling. It creates space for delicious storage boxes, books - or a string of colorful stilettos! Get more floor space with few but spacious furniture, and complement your wardrobe with shelves that can be hung on the wall. They lift your things off the floor and give a nice feeling of air in the room.

Do you have a hard time remembering what your wardrobe is storing? When space is tight, summer tops, shorts and dresses can easily be tucked behind knit sweaters and woolen socks. Sort your wardrobe by season: Put the winter clothes in the back of the closet or in boxes in the summer, and pull it out when the frost knocks on the door. It's like getting a new wardrobe twice a year!

It is important that the measurements are right!

If this is the first time you are pulling out your ruler, you should measure according to the following guidelines when you need a new sliding door wardrobe:

  • Height - measured in three places; on the left side, in the middle and on the right side. It is the lowest measure that determines the height.
  • Width - measured at floor and ceiling to see if the walls are skewed. The lowest measure determines the width.
  • Depth - The standard depth in our solutions is 68 cm. This ensures that you have room for cabinets, rails and sliding doors.

Let us help you in your goal with your wardrobe solution. We have lots of experience with everything from compact wardrobes to exclusive walk-in closets.

Guide to measuring for your wardrobe

Wardrobe and sliding doors

— VARIO19 white

A beautiful and simple open wardrobe, designed with a focus on the clean lines and easy access to what you use the most.

— SMART black

Smart sliding doors in black are for you who want an elegant and minimalist wardrobe solution.


Milk wardrobes are the perfect choice for you who are looking for classic and simple white cabinets with doors.