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Open plan kitchen decor & inspiration

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Anyone researching open-plan kitchens will know, the possibilities are endless – which is a good, but often daunting, thing. Let us guide you through some of the most popular ideas and give you a little inspiration for your new kitchen as well as some considerations to take into account.  Don’t forget, you can always reach out to our skilled kitchen designers right here who’ll happily give you a helping hand.

What is an open plan kitchen?

Just to be sure you’re in the right place, it’s always good to recap exactly what we’re talking about. Open plan kitchens are generally classed as combining both your kitchen and dining room, and can also include your cosy living room too – that’s up to you. They’re versatile, can be easily adapted to the right space and are a design classic. If you’d like to know more about structural designs of an open plan kitchen, read our in-depth guide here.

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Why have an open plan kitchen?

Well, for one, they’re extremely sociable, perfect for chatting to the kids whilst they finish homework and you start dinner. Or not missing out on conversations with friends whilst you get the potatoes on. The space flows in an appealing way - there aren’t any doors or walls dividing everything up! It’s an easy way to keep an eye on little ones watching TV or keep conversations flowing. 

On the other hand, it also means no doors, so it’s harder to hide the effort (and dirty plates!) that’s gone into a meal from guests, or block out noisy appliances. Storage can be tricky, and of course, it can be expensive to knock down walls if you don’t have the initial space to work with. Design-wise you’ll need to consider looks that look great together – although, that’s the fun part, and we have more on that below.

Kitchen living room inspiration, pictures and tips for design

A quick google or pinterest search is super helpful here for finding out, of course, what you love but equally what you’re totally not into. It’s a great idea to have the square metres you’re working with before you begin, then you can really start to see what your open plan kitchen could look like. 

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Considering design also means, considering practicalities. It’s a good idea to speak with a kitchen designer, builder or architect to see if your ideas can actually be realised. Moving water lines, knocking down walls and window positioning are just some of the most common hurdles that have to be overcome, so it’s worth talking to trusted experts. 


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Kitchen living room interior design tips - what should you think about?

Let’s talk about zones. If you're going for a kitchen/dining room/living room layout you’re essentially combining three rooms into one. So it’s useful to think about the life that will be taking place in those areas, and find ways to feel the difference between them whilst still creating a harmonised open plan kitchen. Think: cooking, eating and seating. 

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Dining room

This is where you can really get into your own with regards to decorating. Modern, classic, farm chic – the choices are endless and completely up to your personal taste. This will most likely be the first room attached to the kitchen, so complement it as much as you can. Used beautiful dark wood cabinets, why not go for a dining table in the same colour? Tiled your kitchen with sandy coloured tiles? Pick a warm beige in your dining room, or get some coasters that match the cabinet handles. These little touches will add a beautifully subtle uniformity to your new open plan kitchen

Living room

After ventilation, the main thing to consider here is what will your new open plan kitchen feel like. Again, this is really all about personal taste and style. Remember, you’ll want to find styles that complement each other. A completely pristine and modern kitchen might look a little out of place with a family-focused living room. So, be sure to pick styles that look great together. A formal dining room will most likely look better with a pristine modern kitchen and a slick design-focused living room. 


Rugs, lighting and space dividers are just some of the ways you can block your living room so it feels a part of the open plan kitchen, but also a room of its own. Equally, flooring in general can be a big help here. Show the transition to the living area with carpets or wooden floors as opposed to kitchen tiles. 

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Small open plan kitchens 

Maybe, this all sounds like something that’s only doable in a huge space? Wrong! Smaller open plan kitchens are a perfect way to make the most of your space. 


The main considerations:

  • Ventilation, ventilation, ventilation. Either invest in a strong system, or have easily accessible windows to make sure you can clear the air after you’ve cooked some tasty strong-smelling food. Noone wants to cuddle on the sofa with dinner still in the air. 

  • Floor to ceiling. Shelving really comes into play here, use up any dead space and use it to put your finery on display. Look at your kitchen from top to toe and make sure you can maximise the space you have. 

  • Lighting. Use hanging lamps over the dining area to differentiate it from the rest of the room. 

  • Colour. Use complementary colours and block out the different zones – it will make each space feel bigger. 

  • Space dividers. If you can fit one in, a free-standing shelf unit is a subtle way to break up the rooms slightly, whilst still feeling very much open plan. 

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas and things to think about when planning your open plan kitchen. Ultimately, it’s a great way to create a beautifully social living space that you’ll love for years to come. However, if you’re more into a very compartmentalised home – this might not be the right kind of kitchen for you. Not to worry, we have plenty of other options here.