Project meeting - when should I book that?

When you are ready with the necessary project information, it makes sense to book a project meeting.

The most important meeting

This is where the big decisions can be made.

To some people, this is Meeting #2, because all the preliminary questions have been answered (usually during an inspiration meeting) and you know when you want your project to move forward. Even though an inspiration meeting isn't mandatory - you can begin with a project meeting if your mind is already fully made up and you have the measurements and all the  construction details at hand.

Because at this meeting, with our advanced software we can now plan everything in detail - from which design you've chosen to your measurements to to what elements you need, to the timing of your project from order to installation to that first big family party. We will draw your new kitchen and you'll get a 3D rending of what it will look like. This is why we meet for 2 hours. 

We can show you the final result in 3D - and present you with an offer for you to consider. 

After this meeting it's not too late to change your mind about a worktop material or a colour nuance - but you should come to the meeting prepared to make decisions.